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Update: R Place Responds With New Info About “Pierre Fitch-Gate”

Also: Make sure you have someone on staff who can create an attractive poster…

Is our long national nightmare over concerning “Pierre Fitch-Gate” at R Place? 

We rather snarkily reported Saturday that a scheduled All-Star Go Go Boy/Porn Star appearance at R Place had apparently failed to happen on Friday and Saturday, September 21/22. R Place had splashily announced earlier this month that “stars of the first ever gay reality sex show “Project GoGo Boy” , Jake Bass, Seth Knight and Pierre Fitch” would make a special appearance at the club with a meet/greet followed by some pelvic thrusting.

When the event failed to happen and R Place failed to alert the public of the cancellation via a press release or by updating their website or social media, we reported that fact. We’re a gay entertainment website that focuses on gay events at gay bars…it’s kind of our responsibility to tell our lovely readers when events are changed or canceled…’cause, you know, THAT’S OUR JOB!

R Place responded on our Facebook page about the change in the event:

We received word about this from a customer. This event has been moved to October 5th and 6th. We stopped advertising it on our Facebook page weeks ago when we found out that there was a scheduling conflict with one of the performers. We were able to reschedule the event and have made announcements at our shows, as well as it being all over our tv screens. We pulled the ad out of the SGN, but it was mistakingly ran, through no fault of ours. The ad on the website was part of a whole September ad and we apologize for the oversight. No tickets were sold to this show, so no one lost any money. We apologize that you didn’t receive word, but we don’t follow this blog, so we were unaware that you were advertising it. We will be advertising the cocky boys for their upcoming event. You can look at “R” Facebook page as well as the SGN for details. And we can assure you that LATRICE ROYALE Will be here next week, and we are super excited to see her. We also have some big announcements coming for October. Thank you for your support, and we’ll work on our posters for ya. 😉

Thanks to R Place for responding, though we have to point out the fact that there are members of the R Place management and staff who DO read our website, and we’re basing that on the fact that R Place staff and management have made COMMENTS on our posts, but everyone is entitled to a little passive aggressiveness on occasion. And, we LOVE also love the gentle snark of “You can look at “R” Facebook page as well as the SGN for details…” when it was the lack of Facebook updating and SGN’s apparent failure to pull the ad that got them in this mess in the first place but we’ll let that pass…

We should also point out that this kind of “failure to communicate” happens FAR too often and it’s NOT just R Place who is guilty. Many event producers and promoters and venues get VERY lackadaisical about their publicity and keeping it updated…it’s a pet peeve for the SGS staff who try REALLY hard to get accurate information about events and to keep that information current. More than once we’ve had a hissy fit while attempting to find good info while dealing with HORRIBLE websites, poorly updated Facebook pages and Facebook invites that fail to actually give any useful information. And, it’s not just bars but non-profits and other groups who frequently fail at this…it’s not Rocket Science, people! Update your website/Facebook page once a week and more frequently if info changes, and you’re good to go! An hour a week, for an average week, would get the job done, though obviously if you’re planning a HUGE event, you’ll need to spend more time than that…

As for FOR-profit businesses, it REALLY behooves you to have decent publicity and marketing. If the owner/managers are too busy or suck at it, the odds are that SOMEONE working at your bar/club/venue is probably very good at social media. If you don’t have the time and talent, then PAY someone on staff $50 a week to do it FOR you, or more depending on the size of your events. If you don’t have anyone on staff who can do it, then the next time you have to hire someone, specifically LOOK for someone who has that skill who can maybe bartend/bar back/bounce 30 hours a week AND work on social media/marketing a couple hours of week.

Maybe you’ll get some more BUSINESS and make more MONEY!

Isn’t that the whole point of commerce?!?!?!


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