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November 9, 2012 Comments Off on New Video From Miss Monsoon…Also, She’s Up For AWARDS!!! Views: 2497 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Jinkx Monsoon Fan Appreciation Society

New Video From Miss Monsoon…Also, She’s Up For AWARDS!!!

Nick, Jinkx and Kenneth in a delicious promo shot for “Monsoon Season”. Photo: Tim Harmon

We’ve been wondering what the hell Miss Jinkx Monsoon has been up to lately…that little Minkx is ALWAYS up to some sort of shenanigans that range from hosting LeFaux, the weekend drag celebrity impersonation cabaret show at Julia’s so beloved by drunken bridal parties from Redmond, to performing at gigs and venues all over the Tri-State area, to disappearing for weeks at a time, to starring in her own web series (Monsoon Season) at Funny Or Die, to occasionally taking off the drag and appearing on local stages as alter ego Jerick Hoffer…such a zany, crazy little busy bee!

There’s two bits of Jinkx related news to check out…one, she’s finally emerged from her editing suite, along with writer/director Nick Sahoyah and cameraman/editor Tim Harmon with a brand new episode of Monsoon Season, her probably never to be Emmy nominated web series. It’s not a traditional episode following the life of Miss Monsoon and her wacky pack life as a single mother and working show girl, but a Very Special Commercial Parody episode featuring the debut of a new way to unsafely drink alcoholic beverages…just “Jinkx It!” Check it out!

Jinkx It! – watch more funny videos

It was shot at the lovely Grill on Broadway and features everyone’s favorite bartender Mikey Moe in a cameo…here’s to hoping that Jinkx films MANY more episodes at The Grill! She always looks good in there…must be the lighting and super friendly management and staff!

In other news, Miss Monsoon, or rather the male side of her many,many split personas, Jerick Hoffer is up for numerous awards over at the slightly awful Broadway website to honor Mr. Hoffer’s work on Seattle’s legitimate theater stages (as opposed to Miss Monsoon’s illegitimate work on Seattle’s many “pregnant and unmarried” stages…) Jerick is nominated in two different categories in Broadway World’s annual theater awards travesty which is the equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards but without the presence of Julia Roberts. (Please note we are not knocking the very talented nominees for this award; our problem is with how the nominees are picked, and the fact that the winners aren’t necessarily the best but simply the ones from theater companies that are really good at getting their subscribers to vote for the nominees from that company’s shows regardless if said nominees or productions are actually any good…but, I digress as usual.) (And, we acknowledge the hypocrisy of us asking you to vote for a performer in a show you may or may not have seen…but since Jerick WAS really good in both these roles, we don’t feel that guilty about it…)

I’m happy to report that Mr. Hoffer is nominated for two VERY good performances in two VERY good productions…his work in Balagan’s “Spring Awakening” from earlier this year, and his big splashy work in the 5th Avenue’s summer production of “Rent”. Since he’s competing against himself in the same Featured Actor in a Local Musical category, you have the difficult decision of deciding WHICH to vote for! AND, Mr. Hoffer is also nominated in the “Ones To Watch” category, so make sure you vote in both.

Jinkx Monsoon and Robbie Turner are BOTH award worthy!
Photo: Tim Harmon

There are other Capitol Hill folks nominated as well, including Miss Monsoon’s LeFaux co-star, the ridiculously talented and largely underappreciated Miss Robbie Turner is nominated as Best Lead Actor in a Local Musical for his work as the Emcee in Second Story Rep’s production of “Cabaret” from last summer. AND, the adorable actor, Todd Hull is also nominated for his role as the Robot in Annex’s production of “Cocktails At The Centre of The Earth” as well as being up for the “Ones To Watch”. See if you can’t vote for all of these very talented folks!

Finally, look for Miss Monsoon to appear in the delightful Yuletide tradition of “Homo For The Holidays” the seasonal offering from DeLaLou Productions starring Ben DeLaCreme, Kitten LaRue, Cherdonna & Lou, Jinkx and Major Scales and a cast of thousands. They are all back at the West Hall in the Oddfellows Building for multiple shows the weekend of December 14/15 and December 21-24. It’s a hugely popular homocentric holiday treat so don’t dawdle when it comes to buying tickets…it’s a terrific show!

As for 2013, we know Jinkxy/Jericky will be performing in Balagan’s production of “Hedwig & The Angry Inch” in January,  and hopefully she’ll have some more work to promote by then as well…according to the terms of her parole from Drag Prison, I believe she’s required to do quite a lot of community service in the next year. Hopefully, that doesn’t involve remodeling Senior Citizen housing!

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