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November 9, 2012 Comments Off on Kendall’s Back With The Scoop On Compound/Palm Springs Pride 2012 Views: 1575 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Kendall’s Back With The Scoop On Compound/Palm Springs Pride 2012

Raja manages to look smashing even when wet in the pool at Alcazar/Birba during Palm Springs Pride!
Photo: Ginger Girl Photography

Back from Palm Springs Pride and, well, exhausted! Each year it gets just a little bit better than the last, which is always hard to believe, because every year I leave thinking we’ve outdone ourselves. Each year it also gets a little harder to recover from the non-stop schedule of producing the parties, participating in the parties and performing in the parties. It’s SO WORTH IT though!

This year’s COMPOUND, headed up by my business partner David Richey and our joint venture, Qulture Qreative, was straight up HEAVEN. Heaven in a little desert oasis. All up in the middle of the citywide Gay Pride events. As usual, we bring the Queer edge to the situation. The alternative to the more commercial events that usually make up a city’s Pride programming. It’s something we’re pretty proud of and COMPOUND 2012 has left me excited for COMPOUND 2013. Start saving now girl, it’s worth it. I promise.

So many Seattle peeps at Compound: Palm Springs Pride!
Photo: Ginger Girl Photography

Friday night was a very special night. It always is. It’s the night where we throw a party Hard Times style. With plenty of Pacific Northwest talent, and a little up and coming genius thrown in for good measure. I was pretty proud to be playing alongside my favorite lez power couple from Seattle’s sister city down south (Portland), Roy G Biv and Mr. Charming, as well as DJ Lifepartner, who now lives in L.A., but is a transplant from Portland himself. You can see by the picture below that I was feeling it (notice the Mama Tits Tee I’m rockin’). It was amazing to play all this new Disco House I’ve been collecting of late under the stars and in front of a blazing desert fire. Magic.

Ho Mo Arigato Had A Gun at Palm Springs Pride 2012!
Photo: Ginger Girl Photography

Courtesy of Seattle Gay Scene and Sylvia O Stayformore, the new Ms. Bacon Strip, Miss Ho Mo Arigato performed. Part of her prize for winning the crown was the chance to perform at COMPOUND. Bitch did it up right too, killing it with Julie Brown’s “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun”. I didn’t even know kids these days knew who Julie Brown was! Blew me and the whole crew on the COMPOUND away!

Glitterbang! Photo: Ginger Girl Photography

Then there were the live performances. Seattle’s own Glitterbang broke it way down for the crowd around the fire. Best performance I’ve seen from them yet. They just keep getting better and better! Don’t miss a single chance you have to see them locally folks. You’ll regret it! Double Duchess, out of San Fran stole the show! Look them up, follow them, get to know their music. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from these folks in the future!

That was just Friday night. As if that wasn’t enough. Saturday night was filled with Cody Bayne’s FUNCTION, featuring performances by AB Soto, another one you should familiarize yourself with if you’re not already in the know, and Lady Bear, as well as bangin’ DJ sets by Phyllis Navidad and Trident. Sunday we took it to the pool with some serious Daytime Realness with DJ’s Stanley Frank (playing this Saturday at Q) and Chelsea Starr in addition to performances by Heklina, Raja and a whole slew of other fabulous queens. It was unreal girl. Unreal.

Aren’t you sad you missed it? There’s 358 days left! As Mama says “Gurrrr, you better get to swimmin’”!

Wanna see more pics from COMPOUND?

Photos compliments of Ginger Girl Photography.

Special thanks to our host venue(s) Birba, Cheeky’s and Alcazar (Palm Springs)

L.A. Kendall werkin’ it at Palm Springs Pride at Birba/Alcazar!
Photo: Ginger Girl Photography

-LA Kendall for Seattle Gay Scene

Check out more of LA Kendall at her blog, THE EYES OF LAURA KENDALL !!!!!


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