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Former Seattleite Jimmy Durano Needs Our Help

Former Seattlite/gay adult performer JIMMY DURANO is recovering from a serious head injury after an accident. Photo via Instagram

Former Seattlite/gay adult performer JIMMY DURANO is recovering from a serious head injury after an accident. Photo via Instagram

Many of our readers might know him as “Julio” but to his legions of fans, gay adult entertainer JIMMY DURANO is the more familiar name. Julio/Jimmy lived in Seattle for many years before he moved to California to be closer to the gay adult entertainment industry back in 2014 but he had many fans and friends in Seattle from his years of dancing at area clubs like R Place. 

The performer was living the good life in Palm Springs with husband and fellow gay adult star, Christian Owen when he suffered a serious accident in March of this year that resulted in cranial surgery and a long stay in the hospital.

A post from Jimmy on his Instagram on April 2nd:

  • jimmyduranoHere is the not so fashionable helmet that I have to wear every time I am off the bed. Cuz the way I am clumsy this is the way I can protect my head 👷🏼‍♂️⛑ 🤕
    And to all of you guys who follow me here that sent texts and messages of #GetWell, good wishes and speedy recovery #THANKYOU so much!!!! You guys are amazing for reaching out to me on social media. Love you all. And special thanks to all my friends that reached out to me via texts and phone calls at this scary time. Special thanks to the entire medical team, Doctors and nurses @ Desert Regional Medical Center hospital. A craniotomy is something scary to hear that you need that type of surgery. But you guys were amazing and even tho that was a very invasive surgery you guys made me feel ok and I’m happy to be home!!!! Thank you so much for all the care. And guys…. as I said before I am well now. At home, bed rest and recovering. Nothing to worry about. Thank for all the good prayers. Feels good to be home with the puppies and hubby’s love!! he watches over me and take care of this annoying and impatient patient 🙋🏻‍♂️LOL He has a big heart ❤️ and a lot of patience with me. Love you @christianowenxxx thank you for everything 😘

But, the performer had a relapse in April which resulted in further procedures and a hospital stay and he now faces many months of recovery time…which means no ability to work as a dancer. Fortunately, Jimmy has health insurance which covers the bulk of his medical expenses, but the loss of income is problematic for the couple. To help out, family and friends have created a GoFundMe to help out Jimmy over the next few months with a goal of $20,000. To date, over $11k has been raised.

For full information on Jimmy’s condition and prognosis, please check out the GoFundMe page HERE and donate if you’re able to help.

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