The Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Pageant Is Turning FIDDY! TONIGHT...

January 12, 2013 Comments Off on Time To Say Bye-Bye To Alexander & DonnaTella And Hello To A New Mr/Miss Gay Seattle Views: 1355 Pageant Land

Time To Say Bye-Bye To Alexander & DonnaTella And Hello To A New Mr/Miss Gay Seattle


To quote an old queen, “My, my, my….how time flies! Seems like just yesterday we crowned Mr. and Miss Gay Seattle!”

That old queen was me, but it’s still apt. It DOES seem like it was just yesterday that Alexander Mentele and DonnaTella Howe became our reigning Mr. and Miss Gay Seattle but now their Reign of Terror is over and it’s time to elevate some new mortals into the pantheon of local homosexual notoriety. Yes, tonight (Saturday, January 12) is the night for the 1,239,864th annual Mr./Miss Gay Seattle Pageant at the lushly new remodeled Neighbours (92% less sticky!!) The doors open at 5pm and the show starts at 6pm so you have PLENTY of time to check this out, then go on to extend your evening’s entertainment!

It’s a big show, (ergo, the big ticket price: $25 at the door, with some proceeds going to JC/Lady Graytop Memorial Scholarship Fund) and they have a special guest hostess, Jujubee from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on hand to keep things in some sort of order. (PS…Jujubee is also performing at R Place later tonight as well)

Ceasar Hart, JimMay Gonzalez, DJ PBear are all running for Mr. Gay Seattle and we know Ursula Major is running for Miss…other than that, we do not have a clue!

May the best woman/man/woman dressed as a man/man dressed as a woman/fill in the blank…WIN!!!!

And, a fond farewell to the departing royalty, DonnaTella Howe and Alexander Mentele…Long may your flag fly!


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