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RECAP: Episode 9 of “The Walking Dead:” “Home.” ...

February 11, 2013 Comments Off on “The Suicide King” Episode 9 Of “The Walking Dead.” RECAP!!! Views: 1406 TV Land

“The Suicide King” Episode 9 Of “The Walking Dead.” RECAP!!!

Walking Dead

After several months wait AMC’s “The Walking Dead” came back to TV last night and picked up right where it left off last season; in the Guv’Nor’s area where he has pitted Merle and Daryl against each other in fight to the death.  This week’s episode was titled “The Suicide King;” let’s get into it:

Predictably LovesABadBoy Drea pleads with the Guv to not let them fight.  The Guv predictably ignores her request and says “the people” have spoken and they demand justice, blah, blah, blah.

Merle and Daryl begin their fight, Merle tells Daryl to follow his lead, Biters are brought in the fight is not going well for the redneck brahs but then Daddy Rick and his action team arrive to save the day.  They shoot a number of Biters as well as another Stepbury resident, this one was I think the archer that couldn’t hit Biters for shit and then rescue Merle and Daryl, well Daryl anyway Merle just forces his way along with them.

They rendezvous with Glenn and Michonne both of who want to kill Merle for their own (well justified) reasons.  Daddy Rick and Daryl obviously prevent this while Merle acts like Merle and taunts everyone involved until Daddy Rick knocks his ass cold. When give the choice between the group and Merle and Daryl chooses Merle.  They go off into the wilderness.  Oh, the group is also surprised to find out the LABB Drea is at Stepbury and banging the Guv.

Back at the prison members of Tyrese’s group want to try to take over the prison.  Good luck with that guys, you all could barely fight off Walkers while Daddy Rick’s group is a bunch of stone cold killers.  Tyrese and Sasha prevail and no attempt is made.  Oh, yeah and prior to that Hershel tells them not to get too comfortable.

Glenn and Daddy Rick get into fight on the way back from Stepbury.  Glenn is clearly suffering from PTSD with a touch of misogyny.  Newsflash Glenn Maggie is capable of protecting herself.

Back in Stepbury the natives are restless and LABB is trying to keep the peace.  She bursts in on the Guv after he executes a Stepbury resident that was bit.  He goes on about going to war and tells her that Glenn and Maggie were there.  She blabs about him not telling here, and really this scene was stupid.  Long story short the Guv’Nor has a hard on for revenge and LABB is still clueless.

Back at the prison Rick starts to lose his mind and sees a ghost version of what we assume is Lori (damn, even from the beyond the grave that woman is an insufferable harpy!!!!).  After some screaming and fleeing the episode ends.

All in this entire episode was one that just moved the plot along.  No stand out scenes, no shocking death, just a sort of workhorse of an episode.  Let’s hope things spice up a bit next week.  I also hope that the title makes sense next week, I am not sure what suicide or kings had to do with this week’s episode.

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