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The Hottest Gay Pride Shirt…EVER!


J’adore John Criscitello, the talented Seattle artiste equally gifted at creating gorgeous art on the canvas, the screen AND the skin. Mr. Criscitello designed the artwork for Nark Magazine’s Pride Weekend event MEN AT SEA, a delicious homoerotic tattoo design of the hottest sailor in the history of hot sailor tattoos. (You can still get tickets for Men at Sea, and the other two big Nark events, GENDER BLENDER and QUEER CARNIVAL, and full series, money saving passes, over HERE!)


That hot sailor man tat is so delightful, that it’s now available on a t-shirt! There’s only a limited number of available, so don’t dawdle too long in ordering yours…it’s a steal at $25, which for a shirt of this quality, is a rare thing indeed, though this makes Mr. Strangeways rather sad because he remembers the “Good Ole Days” when a t-shirt cost a $1.50 and you had enough money left after your purchase to buy a ticket to “Ice Follies of 1936” … but I digress.

Mr. Cristicello has also designed some delightful tattoos of local celebrity drag queens…frankly, we think they should be t-shirts as well.

Hint, Hint….


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