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Amanda Lepore Spills All The Beans About Tonight’s Visit To Seattle

Amanda Lepore by Marco Ovando.

Amanda Lepore by Marco Ovando.

The lovely Stella Rose Saint Clair, one of Nark’s collaborators over at Nark Magazine (and a talented fashionista in her own right) snatched this terrific interview with the one and only AMANDA LEPORE, the Queen of Club Kid Land, who’ll be in Seattle tonight, Friday the 13th for PRECIOUS MEMORIES at Neighbours. Miss Lepore is the VIP hostess and Rye Rye and Bright Light Bright Light will be the live performers along with tons of djs, drag queens, go go boys and all sorts of delightful tricksters and merry fairy makers. You can still grab your tickets over HERE!

Here’s a bit of the interview…go read the rest at Nark Magazine. It’s juicy!

Stella Rose: You are like a mother figure to the club scene. Do you think of yourself in that way?

Amanda: I know I’m a big inspiration to people. I’m a misfit that made something of myself under circumstances where my life could have gone really wrong. I felt a bond to the club world immediately after moving to New York. I had gotten my sex change when I was very young, and I and been married but it didn’t work out. My first roommate in NYC was a dominatrix and I worked with her in the dungeons to make money which was a good acting experience I guess, but it wasn’t really for me. They would make me hide the fact that I was a transexual and make me lie to people because they told me I would make more money if I did which I didn’t like. When I discovered the club kid scene, what I really found was a circle of outcasts that had found acceptance among each other. That’s the sort of energy that keeps me in the scene. We’re like a family of people that are alternative and don’t fit in. People ask me if I ever get sick of going out to parties but I really don’t because there are constantly new crops of kids that have different things to offer the scene. I really relate to it strongly.

Stella Rose: What environment did you grow up in?

Amanda: It was kind of a weird one because my mother was schizophrenic. I didn’t have any friends really, and I spent a lot of time alone with just my imagination. Thats part of why I look the way I do. I used old Hollywood movies as an escape and I would imagine that I would never want to look the way the girls at school looked because they would make fun of me so often. Growing up that way really prompted me to rebel against everything that was going on around me.


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