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Ah….The Smell Of Gently Used Leather

Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe

Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe

It’s the time of year when a leather man/woman’s fancy turns to donating used leather goods/acquiring new leather goods/toys.  So, it basically means it’s time for the annual Daddy’s Leather Tag Sale and Community Leather Social at The Cuff Complex. It’s a late winter tradition and it’s put on by the the fine folks from SEATTLE MEN IN LEATHER, DOGHOUSE LEATHERS and THE CUFF COMPLEX with proceeds going to the Leather Complex & Museum. It’s going down on Wednesday, March 19 from 7pm to 10pm at The Cuff at 13th & Pine Street, and it’s part of Washington State Leather Pride Week. Here’s more skinny on the Tag Sale:

If you are kinky, crafty, and really want to get your hands on some great gear, without new gear prices, this is the event for you. It’s also a great way to meet many members of our Leather Community here in Seattle.

Not only do we have your basic everyday leather wear, But we’ve got some unique pieces that have been donated by our members and community at large.

Leather gear (Old and New) Let’s face it, Leather is always better when it’s been broken in a bit.

TOYS, We have them.

Also heard a rumor that there might be a very handsome Puppy Cage up for grabs too.

Factory Mistakes on Brands like Nasty Pig, Inseam Men, Ajaxx63.

Rubber Gear, T-shirts, Jeans, We’ve got VHS Tapes and DVD Porn for days, Bag after box of Porn and Porn Novels.

Honestly, if anyone wants to do a craft project with Porn Mags, we’ve got ALL you could ever want and more.

In short (too late) Whats better then Drinking, Shopping, and Socializing, Doing all of those things with your Leather Brothers and Sisters and for a worthy cause.

Leather Pride Week continues on Thursday the 20th with the Leather Social at Diesel from 7pm to 10pm and then things really get leathery starting on Friday the 21st with a Puppy Tail Butt Plug load of events happening:

Washington State Mr. & Ms. Leather and Washington State Bootblack Contest Weekend

Various locations in Seattle


Mr. & Ms. Leather Judges: Linda Coomas (Seattle Leatherwoman), Colby Reifler (WA State Mr. Leather 2012), Nyx (WA State Ms. Leather 2012), Herrmeister D (WA State Mr. Leather 2010), boy Di (WA State Ms. Leather 2010), Sarha Shaubach (International Ms. Leather 2013), Sammy (International Mr. Bootblack 2013), Paul (International Community Bootblack 2013)

Bootblack Judges: Tony Buff (WA State Mr. Leather 2002), Sarha Shaubach (International Ms. Leather 2013), Sammy (International Mr. Bootblack 2013), Paul (International Community Bootblack 2013), Boris (Seattle bootblack, Community Service Leather Emerald Award Winner)

Emcees: Lamalani (International Ms. Leather 2009) and Tony Buff (WA State Mr. Leather 2002 )

Friday: Meet & Greet @ Doghouse Leathers, 8:30–10:00 pm

Saturday: Contestant Interviews @ Doghouse Bunker, 11:00 am (closed to the public) Contest @ Cuff Complex (1533 13th Ave. @ Pine, Seattle), 6:00 pm (door) 7:00–9:00 pm (contest) / $10 donation

Sunday: Victory Brunch @ CC Attle’s (1701 E. Olive Way, Seattle), 11:00 am / $10 Leather Emerald Award @ CC Attle’s (1701 E. Olive Way, Seattle), 12:00 noon / $10 (included with brunch)

I live the smell of gently used leather in the morning….especially if there’s bacon & eggs cooking in the background.

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