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Responsible Talented Queens of Seattle: “Mimosas With Mama” Is Hiring

Mimosas With Mama's current production of THE WICKED WIZ OF OZ is wickedly entertaining and the lushest, most professional drag production in town. It's a must see. And, for drag gals lookin' for work, they're auditioning for a new cast member! Photo by photography

Mimosas With Mama’s current production of THE WICKED WIZ OF OZ is wickedly entertaining and the lushest, most professional drag production in town. It’s a must see. And, for drag gals lookin’ for work, they’re auditioning for a new cast member!
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Everyone and their hillbilly cousin is lookin’ for a job it seems. And, that’s usually almost always true with performers, especially drag stars. Good gigs are few and far between and since a lot of asshole shows/venues in town insist on exclusivity complete with odd contracts of questionable legality, it’s tough for a hard working new performer to build up a career. If Shitty Show Bar threatens to black ball a performer they pay a shit wage to, if that said performer tries to take other gigs, what’s a gal to do? Start a Facebook Page called “We Hate ‘Shitty Show Bar'” and hope for the best?

Happily, there IS a new gig in town that smart “gals” with talent and a sense of responsibility will all want to snag. MIMOSAS WITH MAMA, the “#1 Drag Brunch in the Universe”, is looking for a new cast member to join creator/producer/host/star Mama Tits and her uber talented team consisting of Tipsy Rose Lee, Isabella Extynn St James and DJ Disco Vinnie. Mama Tee has decided the show runs more smoothly with a 4th queen involved and while they are doing great with their current hit production of THE WICKED WIZ OF OZ, the 45 minute-ish version/mash up of all things related to the iconic “The Wizard of Oz” which is now playing Sundays at the The Narwhal/The Unicorn, (grab tickets here!) Mama and Company have decided to add a new performer for their NEXT show. And, you are probably asking yourself, what IS the next show on their agenda? It’s gonna be MAMMA MIA, the crazy beloved ABBA musical and it’s set to debut sometime in mid to late June!

Now, in order to be ready for that new show, they need to start rehearsing soon and they need that new performer ASAP! In order to get that ball rolling, Mama Tee has announced a casting call for the new cast member, set to happen Saturday, April 19th from noon to 1 pm. Here’s the poo on the audition process:

Seattle’s #1 and longest running drag brunch is looking for a new cast member for their latest mini-musical! Are you a team Player? Are you a driven performer? Do you want to be part of a team where your ideas are heard? Are you dedicated to putting on a FABULOUS show? Then this may just be the show for you!

This is an open call, we want to see anyone and everyone who is interested. Come one come all!

Auditions will be held on Saturday April 19th at the Unicorn/Narwhal from 12:00-1:00pm.

Auditions will start promptly at Noon, please arrive in enough time to get yourself settled.

Day of Auditions music must be on an iPod or Mp3 player, no cd’s!!
Make sure you arrive in Full Makeup and Body. If you get cast in the show , Noon is your call time on Sundays so you best get used to it now! ;o)

Audition Requirements:
– Must be 21 years of age or older
– 2 audition pieces no more than 2 minutes each.
1st audition piece should be a lipsync from a musical ( we want to know that you can act as well as lipsync). 2 min max.
2nd audition piece is personal choice, it can be lipsync, live singing, burlesque, sideshow, circus etc. but make sure it shows who YOU are. Make this your style, show us what fabulous talent you will bring to the team. 2 min max.

We look forward to seeing all of you entertainers!

***Special Note***
“Mimosas with Mama” DOES NOT require exclusivity with their cast members. We encourage all of our cast to grow, learn and perform as much as they want wherever they want, however “Mimosas with Mama” should be your #1 priority on Sundays and you must be available for 1 cast rehearsal /week. While creating a new mini musical production, more rehearsal time may be required.

We have a feeling that eager queens all over town are polishing up their best audition pieces. There’s not a lot of good, reliable, professional drag gigs in Seattle. This is a terrific opportunity for a talented, professional queen to move up the ladder.

Break a leg, ladies.

And, in other MIMOSAS WITH MAMA news, you have another chance to check out their PREVIOUS hit production of 30 minute-ish DREAMGIRLS on Sunday, April 27th with very special guest stars ROBBIE TURNER and BUKKAKEBLAQUE LONDON ST. JAMES on hand. Go HERE to specifically buy tickets for this one of a kind opportunity to see the “Dreamgirls” show.

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