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April 12, 2014 Comments Off on Saturday Sin: Bacon Strip Does Disney…Nark Turns 44…Mo ‘Mo Wave…BEARS!! Views: 2827 Stuff to Do

Saturday Sin: Bacon Strip Does Disney…Nark Turns 44…Mo ‘Mo Wave…BEARS!!

Art: Rodolfo Loaiza

Art: Rodolfo Loaiza

There’s stuff to do this Saturday, April 12, 2014.

Sylvia O’Stayformore’s “Big Gay Variety Show” BACON STRIP is doing its annual tribute/rape of Disney films. It’s uber popular…those dizzy queens can get crazy creative when it comes to disrespecting iconic family entertainment. This year’s installment is subtitled: “Mizz Honey & The Seven Bears” and we know that the trashy Mizz Honey Bucket, Bacon Strip’s trollopy co-host was actually LOOKING for some disreputable bearish types to do a number with her. It’s probably going to be absolutely perverted. (Can.Not.Wait.) The filth happens in the International District at the Theatre Off Jackson starting at 10 pm. Grab advance tickets here or at door.

Back ON the Hill, there’s also lots of Bear Action as SPRING THAW XX continues. The big par-tay for bear lovers is happening at THE CUFF COMPLEX with special guest DJ Paul Goodyear in town for FUR FLING. That mouthful of chest hairish type fun starts at 9 pm and goes…late.

Lower on the Hill, at The Seattle Eagle, little Kevin Kauer, aka DJ NARK is having a Birfday Party (supposedly, he’s young but he has the soul of a Golden Girl) with all of his filthy little friends including Amoania, Cuntella VonTease, Jimi Jaxon, Pavone & Chris Darling. Expect Jell-O shots, ottery go go boy types in the Cage and lots of tattoos. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the filthy sense of the word)

Meanwhile, the awesome MO WAVE QUEER MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL continues at Chop Suey with headliner ZEBRA KATZ. Day of show tickets available online and at the door. Here’s tonight’s line-up, subject to change:

Hosted By Ade
Performances By:
Zebra Katz (NYC)
Boy Funk (PDX)
Hypnotits (PDX)
Tacocat (SEA)
Spear And The Magic Helmet (PDX- Tribute To Gits Feat: Marci of Team Dresch)
Palo Verde (PDX)
Sashay (SEA)
Hot Tears (OLY)
Half Breed (SEA)

That’s a lot of options…have at IT!!!

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