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April 18, 2014 Comments Off on The BuySexual Agenda For Friday: Dickslap // Anita // Mo Wave Finale // Libertine Views: 1579 Stuff to Do

The BuySexual Agenda For Friday: Dickslap // Anita // Mo Wave Finale // Libertine

A new party! At Re-bar! For lesbians and allies!!!  YAY!

A new party! At Re-bar! For lesbians and allies!!!

I’m sure that header is gonna get me in trouble with someone…either bisexuals or Adrian Ryan. SOMEONE is gonna call for my HEAD!

(Stand in line, honey…)

ANYwho, it’s Good Friday (Praise Him!) and there’s a lot to BUY in Seattle for all sorts of sexualities/genders: Homo/Bi/Tri/Trans/Shes/Hes/Vs/Whatever the fuck you id as…even boring old cis/straight people can spend currency and have FUN in The Emerald City!

First on the Agenda: the ubiquitous Kevin Kauer/Nark Magazine event full of glitter, goo, go gos and gelatin. It’s the third Friday of the month so that means it’s DICKSLAP at The Seattle Eagle so you can expect..glitter, goo, go gos, etc. This month’s gooey line-up includes special guests VAGABOND SUPERSTAR as guest dj plus the Hardest Working Host in town (inexplicably) right now, OLIVIA LA GARCE. Also: go go boys in the Cage and jell-o shots and dirty photos and….you know the filthy drill.

Another hard working hobag is Miss Anita Goodmann. She had her annual Tax Day Show earlier this week and she’s booked for TWO late night gigs over at West of Lenin in the otherwise annoyingly frat boyish ‘hood known as Fremont. It’s a show called, UP PAST BEDTIME TIME and  here’s the poo: (Warning: there be PUPPETS!!!)

Special Weekend Late-Night Only at West of Lenin! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY at 11pm! Admission is $15 at door. Beer and Wine service with drinking allowed in the theater!

Lovely ingenue and sexy queen-about-town Miss Anita Goodmann purchases a time-share condominium from Gladys The Radish, Commissioned Salesperson, to stay in the magical land of Darnia, home of many sock puppets and other creatures, including Helper the Monster, Butch Alice, and the lovely Sisters Leigh, Sparkle Leigh and Patient Leigh, and an errant Tori (Who Kan’t Reed). She gets much more than she bargained for as she learns about the importance of reading contracts thoroughly and the necessity of waiting her turn. FRIDAY and SATURDAY late-nights at 11pm! Starring Miss Anita Goodmann,Brendan Mack, John Huddleston, Sparkle Leigh, Jake McDermott, Craig Trolli, and more!

We think this sounds like tremendous fun…also while doubting Miss Goodmann’s use of the word “ingenue” to describe herself.

Gurl….really? If you’re an ingenue, Tranma is a soubrette. (look it up, kids; I ain’t yo’ Culture Marm.)

Meanwhile, back in semi-Civilization (ie: “Cap” Hill) the Mo Wave Festival wraps it ALL up tonight with their arty dance performance at Velocity Dance. I wrote about it earlier this week and I’m not gushing too much more about it; I’m tired of typing “M o W a v e” so much lately….It’s full of lovely performers. Go check it out but show up early if you don’t have tickets ’cause advance tickets are gone.

FINALLY, there’s a new show in town and we LOVE the name: LIBERTINE and it’s a queer dance party at Re-bar Place with Riff-Raff and Erin.  Here’s their relatively terse invite from Facebook:

A NEW lesbian, queer, bi, trans and friends club night Every 3rd Friday of the Month at Re-Bar Seattle!! 

Special Guests: 
– Riff Raff (Shade, Bottom Forty) & 
– Erin O’ Connor (Train Car House Party)

Residents & Hosts: Julia & Wasabi

Let’s bring “OUR COMMUNITY TOGETHER” and dance the night away. 🙂

More information:

xo, Libertine

It seems like they’d REALLY like the queer Ladies Who Love Ladies to come out and support their new par-TAY, but all are welcome. And, Lady Loving Ladies…you DO need to go support it, ’cause I hear you grousing a lot about a lack of events…so, HERE’S A NEW ONE!!!! GO LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF IT AND SPEND LOTS OF BOOZE MONEY!!!!!

I’m spent. Go have fun. I’m staying home to think about Jesus. 


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