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The Pride of Alaska: Deja Nouveau....she can see drunk Russians from her house!!!

The Pride of Alaska: Deja Nouveau….she can see drunk Russians from her house!!!

The same place that brought us Sarah Palin and her psycho family is the same place that birthed Dan Nelson Jr, otherwise known as the talented Deja Nouveau (pronounced new-voh.) For his whole life, he lived in the snowy mountains of the glacially inclined location. But, one day he decided to uproot himself and move to Seattle, leaving behind a steady variety show gig at the famed Mad Myrna’s to be come a freelance queen around the Pacific Northwest.

Ever so quickly, thanks in part to Miss Boxy Hips 2013-forever DonnaTella Howe, Deja has started to make a name for herself in her new home. From performing for charity shows at The Baltic Room to throwing acrylic paint all over herself at Bacon Strip, she is one kooky ass queen who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. And, she also has a very dirty mouth. Such a dirty mouth. Speaking of dirty, she lives right by Gaybucks with huge windows, so you’ve probably seen her butt ass naked.

It was a no-brainer to choose to shine the light on this up and coming superstar. Cue the jazz fingers!


Heather Hysteric: Okay, so, typically I’d start off with a different question. But, I’d like everyone to know that you’re a Lady Gaga super-fan and you waited in line for 15 hours. That’s dedication! You were the sixteenth person in that line, so there’s no doubt that you were going to be front and center. Probably would’ve seen her dick or something. How do you feel now that you’ve gotten to sleep on it?

Deja Nouveau: Wait, what? I thought I was in line for Katy Perry?! But yeah, when we got the announcement, we were devastated. After sleeping on it, I just know she is going to make it worth our while when she returns on August 8th. Tickets are still available at TicketMaster. Get into it.

HH: What would you say to people that are “so over” Lady Gaga?

DJ: I wouldn’t say anything to them. I understand that she isn’t everyone’s cup of Fireball and cider (or tea or something like that), and that’s fine. I really idolize her and will stand by her no matter what.

HH: Alright, now back to you. I’ve noticed that you funnel the same type of 15 hour dedication for Lady Gaga into your drag persona, Deja Nouveau and you’ve said you’re more artistic drag. How was Deja spawned into the world?

DJ: One day, I stumbled upon a drag makeup tutorial on YouTube and thought “Hmmm, I could do that!” And so, I did. Like most girls, I started out looking real rough, but to this day I am always observing other queens to perfect my artistry. Drag to me is a living piece of art. It’s more that a just dude in a wig. Also, I was brought up to put 110% into everything I do. When I’m in drag, I don’t half ass it. And, quite frankly, I have no respect for queens that do.

HH: So, you have no respect for me?

DJ:You said it, girl. Not me! (laughs)

HH: You just moved to Seattle about six months ago with your then boyfriend. Now you’re single and ready to mingle and, I assume, even more ready to unleash Miss Deja onto the Emerald City. How has all of that been for you? And, what would you say is the biggest difference between Alaskan drag and Washington drag?

DJ: For starters, the biggest difference in doing drag in Alaska versus Seattle is that they actually tip their queens in Alaska. I love Seattle so much, but y’all are some cheap ass motherfuckers. With that being said, the amount of love and support I’ve received since I got here has been nothing short of astounding. I’ve noticed that no matter where you go, there are always some really fierce talented queens, some not bad (but very forgettable) queens, and then there’s the busted girls. Honestly, that’s the same wherever you go. And now that I’m single, I have nobody to answer to for late nights out in drag or as a boy.

HH: It would seem as though there’s only a few steady options for drag queens to perform in Seattle, but there’s a whole shit ton of them stumbling around the place. Where have you enjoyed performing so far? What do you feel sets you apart and will get your name heard above the over saturation?

DJ: You’re right, the drag scene is very over saturated, basically across the nation because of “Drag Race”. But, there are a lot of really talented performers here in Seattle. I have performed a number of times for “Lashes” at R Place, I’ve done Revolution Thursdays at The Baltic Room, Sylvia O’Stayformore’s Bacon Strip at the Theater Off Jackson in the International District, Heavy Flow at The WildRose, and some other places. I really enjoy each of these venues for a myriad of different reasons, but I’d have to say that Bacon Strip is my favorite simply due to the lack or rules/fucks given. You never know what you’re going to see at Bacon Strip, which I think is awesome! Also, you might get wet… in more ways than one. As for what sets me apart, I think that most queens believe that they need to fit into a certain “genre” of drag and I say fuck that. Why can’t I do Nicki Minaj in a pink tutu and then turn around and do Die Antwoord while painting my body with acrylic paint?

HH: I have asked this every week, but it’s always interesting for me to see the different muses that get named. Since you hail from afar, who has been your biggest inspiration in the drag world? Locally, who has caught your adoration to push your tuck harder and farther?

DJ: I would have to say that my biggest dragspiration comes from Porcelain in San Francisco. If you don’t know who she is, then fucking Google her god dammit. She is weird as hell and I love that! Here in Seattle, I have really been impressed by a number of queens, but I admire a few for different reasons. First off, my main bitch DonnaTella Howe, because she is everywhere. All the time. In drag. Making money, honey. That bitch is a hustla! I really lookup to Cherry Sur Bete for just doing whatever the hell she wants and doing it well. Lastly, I really, really adore you, Miss Heather Hysteric, because you are so polished, flawless, and can beat a mug something fierce anytime day or night. (clears throat)

HH: I heard through the dragvine that you’re starting a “Seattle Takes Over” show in Alaska, bringing a few Emerald girls with you each month. Tell me ALL about, girl.

DJ: That’s correct. I am working with DonnaTella Howe, along with my home bar Mad Myrna’s in Anchorage, to put together an Emerald City Invasion show. We will be choosing a small number of select queens to go up there with us and turn out some shows! We are still finalizing the details, so make sure to keep up with DonnaTella and I on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up to speed.

HH: You have your looks, your pretty face, and I know you don’t underestimate the importance of body language. I’ve seen you throw yourself around on the stage. Do you think you’ll ever try out for RuPaul’s Drag Race?

DJ: There nothing I despise more that a queen who looks fierce as hell, but can’t perform. That’s why when I’m on stage, I go tuck to the wall and give the crowd a fucking show that they’ll remember. And as far as drag race goes, never say never. I’ve gone back and forth on the matter and honestly… I can’t say if I will or not. It would be a good opportunity to really get my name out there and meet some new people.

HH: I have heard a lot about Mad Myrna’s in Alaska from DonnaTella Howe. If someone from here was to visit the famed locale, what would you tell them to expect?

DJ: At first glance, Mad Myrna’s is nothing but a dive bar. Wood paneling on the walls and low ceilings. But, once you get in and start mingling you will discover it is so much more than. I am obviously a little biased due to the fact that it’s my home bar.

HH: Other than myself, who else has expressed their salacious desire to kai-kai with you? I mean, I don’t do that shit with make-up, but yeah. I believe you identify as a bottom, or rather a power bottom. Where there’s an over saturation of drag, there’s also an over saturation of big ole bottoms. Are Alaskan men more rugged than Seattle? I do remember you saying you had a bit of a military fetish. We do have like, four or five bases here, y’know.

DJ: Actually, I prefer the term “Power Vers,” but people aren’t buying it. I have had a whole slew of queens hit on me, so I will be accepting kai-kai applications starting July 1st via my ChristianMingles profile. But for real though, being in the military gets you an extra 10 points. It has nothing to do with looks or being perceived as “masculine”. It’s all about that credit score and dental benefits.

HH: Last question. Were you able to see Russia from your house?

DJ: Bitch, shut up.

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