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Some Prideful Merch Is On Sale…

We j'adore John Criscitello's "Dickin' of the Sea" Pride 2014 design!

We j’adore John Criscetello’s “Dickin’ of the Sea” Pride 2014 design!

Nothing says Gay Pride more than a T-Shirt proclaiming said pride.

You now have a couple new options to express your Seattle Queer Pride with adorable and/or naughty newly designed shirts available for your purchase.

One is “Official” and quite handsome.

The other is NOT official but quite provocative.

Corey R, Tabor's prize winning design for Seattle Pride's official 2014 t-shirt.

Corey R, Tabor’s prize winning design for Seattle Pride’s official 2014 t-shirt.

Smart shoppers will want to snag both Seattle Pride’s official t-shirt for Seattle Pride 2014. It was designed by this year’s winner of the annual t-shirt design contest,  Corey R. Tabor who had this to say about his prize winning design:

“I couldn’t have missed the contest! I couldn’t pass up on the chance to design the official T-shirt for Seattle Pride. You don’t often get the opportunity to design for such an awesome cause. I was most inspired by the challenge of cramming so much celebration (40 years of it!)into a single T-shirt design,” stated Tabor.  Working as a freelance illustrator, Tabor says he draws his inspiration from the Seattle area. “I love it geographically, botanically, and culturally. Seattle’s trees, flowers, people and animals are always finding their way into my illustrations. I also get excited by good music, good movies, good people, good food and good books, especially beautifully illustrated picture books.”

Tabor’s winning design, and all the 40th Anniversary Seattle Pride merchandise will go on sale next week online at and will be available at this year’s Pride Picnic, Pride Parade and PrideFest.  In preparation for all of this year’s merchandise, all current items are marked 50% off through our website!

For a dirtier option, our good friend, multi-hyphenated artist John Criscitello has created a new zexy, tattoo art inspired design for Pride 2014. You might remember that John also designed a limited edition similar style shirt for Nark Magazine’s Pride events last year. This year’s “MerMAN” is even saltier.

Oh its almost that time of the year again : Seattle Pride Weekend! And the catch of the day is MerMAN…MerMAN !! big ,salty, beefcake Merman ! Show off your inner faggot by donning this eye catching tee shirt over pride weekend as you stroll around Capitol Hill in a drunken blackout or get slutty at one of the many NARK parties or even if you’re just “Sittin on the dick of the bay” (thanks BenDela xo ) as a bonus this shirt also doubles as a cum rag after 2am Boop !

Even better, you have options of a t-shirt, tank and hoodie! Grab them all, over here!

It behooves you to acquire ALL those lovely Prideful garments for Pride 2014.

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