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June 19, 2014 Comments Off on We Need A Few Talented Men…Who’d Like $10k/A Trip To NYC Views: 1703 After Dark / After Hours, Arts & Entertainment, Nightlife, Pageant Land

We Need A Few Talented Men…Who’d Like $10k/A Trip To NYC

So much merchandising....

So much merchandising….

Tick tock, Clarices….Time is running out to apply to be a contestant in this Summer’s fun STOLI GUY contest. The original deadline was supposed to be TOMORROW, June 20, 2014 but that’s been extended a bit to Monday, June 30, 2014. If you’re a dude with a talent of some kind, then enter.

For reasons unknown to us, they STILL haven’t told us WHEN and WHERE the Seattle portion of the multi-city event will take place…which would be VERY helpful in recruiting people…. 😉

It’s happening SOMETIME in July or August!

Some WHERE in the region of Capitol Hill…we’re assuming.

Stay Tuned!

Personally, we’d love to see ALL sorts of men audition for this! Don’t shy away just because you don’t look like some Frat Boy Clone. Edgy gents…apply! Arty gents…apply! Chubby jugglers…apply! Twinks with three octave singing voices…APPLY!!!

I’d love it if some Trans Men applied….



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