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HoliGay Shows Preview #1: “Mimosas With Mama” Jumps On The Bandwagon With “A Boob Job For Christmas”


Smart performers and producers realize that the Winter Holidays (ie Christmas) are a huge cash cow and if you don’t produce a special holiday themed show, you’ll lose out on an opportunity to not only make a sizable amount of the money$ but also the chance to connect with new audiences eager for holiday entertainment. Who doesn’t need a distraction from endless shoppin’, gift wrappin’ and egg noggin’? The smart folks at ACT realized back in the Grover Cleveland administration that yearly productions of “A Christmas Carol” will keep their doors open for the rest of year…ditto for Pacific Northwest Ballet and their family friendly “The Nutcracker”. Even fringe artists have gotten in on the act…Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch’s annual hootenanny, HAM FOR THE HOLIDAYS and Dina Martina’s Christmas Show at “Re-bar Place” have helped those artists keep food on the table and in the case of Ms Martina, help keep ill-fitting gowns on her hairy back.

Hopping on that alterno entertainment bandwagon…the award winning MIMOSAS WITH MAMA troupe over at The Unicorn. Mama Tits and her band of crazy sodomites have created a highly popular (it just won KING 5’s Best of Western Washington award for Best Theater Group) weekly Sunday brunch show that features a mini-musical/parody as its second act. Ms Tits and her troupe decided they wanted to create their own holigay show to compete with all the others, so they’re dumping their current (and, hugely successful) mini version of the ABBA-riffic “Mama Mia” for the next 5 Sundays (Nov 30 through Dec 28) to present the world premiere of….


Here’s their take on this very special production:

Our 1st ever original Holiday production “A Boob Job for Christmas” written by Isabella Extynn St. James, choreographed by Felix Manchild with Music direction by Disco Vinnie. All the fun of the holidays brought to you by Mama Tits and her cast of merry queens and kings! Come along on this deliciously fun journey of self-acceptance and love. We have taken one of the most beloved Christmas stories of all time and thrown it for a loop with this zany romp through the glitter filled world of the holidays as seen through the eyes of Scrooge Mc Tits! You have to come see it for yourself; it’s a musical production not to be missed! Bringing you the fabulous costumes, stunning visual effects and talented performances you’ve come to expect from a “Mimosas with Mama” show.

In a nutshell, they’ve thrown just about every Xmas themed show you’ve ever heard of (“A Christmas Carol”, The Grinch and every Rankin-Bass seasonal puppet cartoon you’ve ever watched on TBS while high at 2 am…) into a big draggy blender to create a deliciously noggy afternoon of fun. It’s frothy, fruitcake-y and fantastically fun for everyone….as long as you’re legally able to drink one of their signature Mimosas, courtesy of their lovely sponsor, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly…

It opens this coming Sunday, November 30 at 1 pm and the first show is already close to selling out with most of the other 4 shows in this limited run already getting close to that status. It’s a case of, you’d better not wait until the last second to grab those tickets! After all, you don’t want to miss the chance to see Mama “Tee” and Company gettin’ all “Turkey Lurkey” up in here!

Tickets HERE!

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