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“Harry The Hiker” At Gay City Combines All Our Favorite Things: Angsty Gays, Bears and Shadow Puppets!


We’re huge fans of Gay City and their terrific Arts series which is based in Gay City’s fantastic new multi-purpose space, the Calamus Auditorium. The Gay City Arts Committee has done a brilliant job of curating performance art pieces in the space from all genres of performance but all highlighting the making of queer performance art.

Their kick-off show for 2015 combines so many of our favorite things: angsty gays and shadow puppets and all created by one of Seattle’s outstanding theater artists, Scot Augustson, best known for his shadow puppet based work as Sgt Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes but also for other plays, including the hilariously perverse “Penguins” series at the Annex.

Augustson’s newest work, Harry The Hiker Heads To The Woods, debuts tonight, Thursday, January 8 at 8pm at Gay City and continues through Sunday. (Tickets HERE!) Here’s more poo courtesy of Gay City:

In HARRY THE HIKER HEADS TO THE WOODS, Harry, who is bored to tears with modern urban gay life, plunges into the forest to find adventure and romance. And yes, there will be bears. It’s a shadow puppet show that you probably won’t want to take the kids to.

Under the name Sgt Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes, Scot Augustson has been delighting (and shocking) Seattle audience for over fifteen years. Using extremely simple shadow puppets and the voice talents of some of the city’s best actors, he creates absurd, hilarious, heart-breaking worlds.


Augustson’s shadow puppet show “Animal Cruelty” was nominated for a 2014 Gregory Award for outstanding New Play.


Through Gay City Arts, Gay City collaborates with local LGBT artists to galvanize an audience for queer arts, foster the development of LGBT artists, and facilitate artistic excellence that is accessible. Gay City Arts is committed to presenting challenging, dynamic and excellent queer art across the full range of artistic disciplines. To see the full line up for Gay City Arts Season Two: Crossing the Line

We think it behooves you to check this out…

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