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Getchyer Laughs On! The Seattle Improv Fest is Here!

The Seattle comedy scene isn’t something people normally attribute to a “Seattle thing.” We are profoundly lucky to have a few venues around town that utilize the comedic talents here. But, we actually do have some awesome performers and incredibly funny people! 

Upon moving here several years ago, my friends took me to their then-regular cheap night out: Jet City Improv. With the warmest PBRs and a half-full theater, we laughed raucously and participated in as much as was allowed. It remains strong in my memory of one of my best nights in Seattle, let alone in the U District.

Now? We’ve got the one and only 13th Annual Seattle Festival of Improv Theater! Starting tonight, the 18th, and going all weekend through the 22nd, you’ve got options for laughs, if you’ve sufficiently recovered from SNL’s 40th Anniversary show. The fest will be held at both improv venues, SFIT Second Stage and Jet City. We’ll be treated to about 31 different improv groups from 12 different cities performing 12 different shows. Holy crap! I recommend a generous amount of pre-gaming/pre-funking. Think Whose Line…? but better, because you don’t have to go to a TV studio.

For those who don’t just want to see the shows, but are curious about perfecting their own crafts or breaking into the comedy/improv scene, workshops will be held and given by instructors from around the Western Hemisphere! Master classes will also be given for people who already know their way around, but want to hear various points of view. And among it all…parties! (Anyone else *still* hear Adore Delano’s voice whenever “party” is said?) The improv version of a dance-off will also be enacted via the Dust-Up, so expect your drinks to spew out your nose!

Go get your tickets now! You know you’re not doing anything else this weekend! (Ok, maybe you are…but you can still fit this in!) Because improv is more than just Robin Williams and Ryan Stiles. 

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