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Neighbours Kicks Off Pride With Under 21 Fun: Teen Pride Pageant & Exposed With April Carrion

Boy April and Girl April!  Photo: Germaine Tirado

Boy April and Girl April!
Photo: Germaine Tirado

Seattle’s oldest gay nightclub owned by straight Canadians is also pretty much the only gayish venue to make ANY effort to hold events for the under 21 crowd.

Maybe that’s why Neighbours has been around so long….they grab their client base before they’re old enough to legally drink!!

That tradition of loving the young ones continues tonight (Wednesday, June 17) as Neighbours hosts the 2nd Annual “Teen Gay Pageant” from 8pm to 10pm, followed by the usual Wednesday night under 21 fun of “eXposed” with hosts Drew & Jessica Paradisco. But, since it’s the start of Gay Pride season, they’ve shelled out some money and brought in adorable RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 star APRIL CARRION which makes PERFECT sense because April looks like a long lost Puerto Rican Paradisco! A. Door. A. Bull. !!!!

The pageant part starts early! Doors at 8pm; show starts at 8:30pm !

More info on the Pageant:

Pageant contestants ages 18-20 only

Categories are:

Category 1: Theme Wear
The theme this year is Taste The Rainbow. (No Skittles were harmed in the making of this Pageant) come out and show us your Rainbow and Your Gay Pride

Category 2: Talent
Show us your best talent anywhere from singing, lip sync, dancing, cheerleading,
All talent needs to be under 5 mins. If over 5 mins you will be deducted points from score.

Category 3: Formal Wear
Show us your hottest formal attire. Also be prepared to answer a question on any kind of category.

$7 dollars to watch the pageant
$ 10 dollars to compete in pageant

Alcoholic drinks for 21+ will be served on upper level.

“eXposed” kicks off after the Pageant ends. For those of you mainly interested in seeing April perform, that’ll happen at Midnight or so. Make sure you take your Disco Nap before heading out tonight!

(Note: Old, pervy letches who like to mess with the “Sweet Young Things” should really just stay at home…you know who you are!)

(Don’t make us name any NAMES!!!)

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2 Responses to Neighbours Kicks Off Pride With Under 21 Fun: Teen Pride Pageant & Exposed With April Carrion

  1. The Snark says:

    What is the fun of not naming names? Especially since Trenton is dead.

  2. Egan Orion says:

    PrideFest this year has teen programming from 4-7pm on Sat 6/27 in Cal Anderson and we’re finish the day at Seattle Center with the same focus on the main stage from 6:30-7:00 at Seattle Center and 7-8 at the DJ stage. We love our underage Pridesters, and we don’t need to prep them to be drinkers!