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August 27, 2015 Comments Off on Finally. All You Damn Gay Hippies Can GET A JOB! LGBTQ Job Fair Is Friday! Views: 3023 Community Events

Finally. All You Damn Gay Hippies Can GET A JOB! LGBTQ Job Fair Is Friday!


You make me sick.

You damn, dirty unemployed gay hippies all whining about your socialism, and your six pack abs, and your man buns, and your disdain for bathing, and your disgusting predilection for same sex sodomy, and your chronic unemployment.


This Friday, August 28, 2015 you’ll have your chance as Out & Equal Seattle hosts the 2015 Northwest Career Fair at Gay City Health Project’s Calamus Auditorium (517 East Pike Street on Capitol Hill) from 10 am to 3 pm. Some MAJOR name area employers will be on hand to take your resumes (CVs to you annoying hippy Anglophiles) and chat with you about job prospects. Some of the queer friendly employers that are scheduled to attend and the fields they are hiring for:

  • Administrative: Expedia, The University of Washington
  • Customer Service: Alaska Airlines, Xerox
  • Engineering Services & IT: Starbucks, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, The University of Washington, Accenture
  • Finance & Accounting: Starbucks, Cambia, Wells Fargo, Expedia, The University of Washington
  • Food Service: The University of Washington
  • Health Care: The University of Washington
  • Human Resources: Starbucks, Cambia, Expedia, The University of Washington
  • Legal Administrative/Secretarial Staff: The University of Washington
  • Level 3 Support Engineers: Expedia
  • Managers, Engineering: Alaska Airlines, Accenture
  • Managers, Retail: Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Alaska Airlines
  • Marketing & Sales: Starbucks, Expedia, The University of Washington
  • Maintenance/Trade: The University of Washington
  • Nursing: The University of Washington
  • Program and Project Managers: Cambia, Expedia, The University of Washington
  • Research: The University of Washington
  • Retail Operations: Starbucks
  • Sales, Retail: Wells Fargo
  • Software Engineers: Starbucks, Cambia, Expedia, The University of Washington, Accenture

See Out & Equal’s  Employers & Sponsors page for more specific information on the jobs and employers.

It would also be wise to pre-register for the event through Event Brite but it’s not mandatory that you do so. You can just show up in appropriate business casual attire (bathe…put on boring tech bro clothes for a change….crisp chinos and crisp button downs with crisp polished shoes that are glitter free would be in the correct ballpark) with several copies of your resume.

You CAN do this, Unemployed Gay Hippy!!!

Good luck!

(Do NOT use us as a reference…)


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