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September 25, 2015 Comments Off on Dieux du Stade 2016 Calendar Video Gives Us The Vapors Views: 8200 Naked News, NSFW, The Nooner

Dieux du Stade 2016 Calendar Video Gives Us The Vapors


Yes, this is obvious click bait but c’mon.

Can you blame me?

It behooves us to post SOMETHING about Dieux du Stade (Gods of the Stadium) the annual calendar from Stade Fran├žais, a French rugby team featuring RIDICULOUSLY hot male athletes wearing mostly nothing. The calendar originally only featured players from that team, but now includes all kinds of athletes…including some kind of fighter dude named Sylvain Potard who’s causing a stir due to his HUGE Dong du Stade and the fact he made a rather flaccid jack off movie where he sheepishly gets the said dong massaged to a rubbery state of serviceability and…you get the filthy picture.

I’m not providing a link…you’re mature enough to be able to type in “Sylvain Potard Porn Video” into a search engine…AND, you can find it for free if you go to MyVidster.

Dieux du Stade 15 Big Moose sylvain potard

Sylvain is obviously straight (or, really not into hand jobs from guys…) but we can still fantasize.

There’s something about a “Big Moose” kind of man, we can’t resist. A big dumb oaf face coupled with a killer body and accessories…


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