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Tenth West: Best Brunch Off The Beaten Path

Fresh pastries, daily!

Fresh pastries, daily!

Nestled on a quiet corner away from the Queen Anne hot spots lies a little place called Tenth West. It’s all the comfort you need to nurse your blues.

Formerly known as Icebox, the place features breakfast and lunch foods good for the soul. The menu may seem like a slew of dishes you could make on your own, but you don’t. Why? Because sometimes a meal just tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Like your mom’s tried-and-true recipe that you always hope to duplicate, but somehow she’s got the magic touch.

If you’re in the “barrest” industry (my new term for bar/restaurant), you know Yelp is for shit. Reviews come and go, and at times it’s like reading YouTube comments. Owners know to take yelpers with huge helpings of salt. But there is something to be said for a place that has consistently great compliments. In fact, Tenth West has recently been rated as the #2 restaurant in Seattle by Telegraph Today. That alone says something in a city full of self-proclaimed foodies whose gospel is Zagat.

As you walk inside, the walls are a sweet shade of yellow that bring a little sunshine to our typically cloudy Seattle skies. Local art adorns the walls, and of course there’s a TV tucked into a corner for game days. There’s an open window to the kitchen, which is personally preferred not only to make the space seem larger, but to add an air of transparency to the staff and clientele. On a lucky day, there might be pastries in that window, provided they haven’t sold out for the day. Plenty of seating accommodates parties of most sizes. A small patio awaits you on summer days, and a white board by the door boasts the day’s divine specials. It’s cozy, warm, and inviting.

My half-eaten tuna melt and entirely drunk sangria.

My half-eaten tuna melt and entirely drunk sangria (right).

With bread provided by Macrina Bakery, the menu sparkles with sandwiches. One such offering is the “…Portuguese sausage panini, with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and onions, brought together by melted Swiss cheese.”-website. The reuben is a famed favorite, and so is the BLTA. Enjoying brunch with a couple of friends near the front window, I had a fresh fruit sangria and the Mediterranean Tuna panini with a side of egg salad. Honestly, I can’t put my finger on why it was simply so much more satisfying than any tuna melt I’ve ever had. The bread? The recipe? Egg salad should be pretty straightforward, right? But owner Linda Hegg’s got a secret (legal) ingredient, I’m sure. My friend had a fresh pot of French press coffee, with which she was quite enamored.

Sides include beet salad, potato salad, fresh fruit, and soups. Breakfasts are eggs done right, pretty much any way you’d like them. And yes, vegetarians and non-gluten eaters get love too.

Linda is living proof that there’s a method to restaurant ownership that works. There are plenty of successful Tom Douglases in the world, and certainly in Seattle. But she sticks to what she knows, and it’s rewarding to both her and her customers. Her ethics shine among the easygoing, ever-pleasant staff. She doesn’t have to call it “soul food” for the cooking to work its wonders on your psyche. She keeps it simple and joyful, with just a dash something extra. Like going to Mom’s house.

Whether you’re in for a long conversation with your friend or partner, a quick bite before re-joining the rat race, or a beer with a game, Tenth West has what you’re craving. Take a seat and take it easy; relax your heart, and quiet your mind over great food and drinks. 


Tenth West

1903 C 10th Ave W

Seattle, WA  98119

Open 8am-3pm Tue-Fri, 8am-2pm Sat-Sun

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