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We Disagree….Kitten & Lou Aren’t “Over Exposed”

Our favorite cabaret couple! KITTEN 'N' LOU headline a show at the Oddfellow's West Hall Sept 17-19, 2015!

Our favorite cabaret couple! KITTEN ‘N’ LOU headline a show at the Oddfellow’s West Hall Sept 17-19, 2015!

The name of their show is cute, since they ARE everywhere….in shows all over the planet and appearing with Tony Bennett and Gaga and they’re ridiculously talented and adorable. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite cabaret duo, KITTEN ‘N’ LOU and their new show the quaintly named OVEREXPOSED which opens Thursday, September 17th for a three night run at Capitol Hill’s Oddfellows Building’s West Hall.

We like Miss Kitten and Mr. Lou because they’re not only adorable but they also transcend most other acts that come from the world of burlesque (which frankly is a bit dull and redundant). Kitten ‘n’ Lou are frequently winning awards in the world of cabaret and burlesque and it’s because they have a great act and they add NEW stuff all the time unlike so many burly q performers who do the same damn act OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. (Really, there’s only a limited number of ways to shake your tatas or can while wearing beads and feathers…yawn.) It’s obvious Kitten and Lou are very well trained in other forms of dance….plus, they have wit and charisma! It’s a winning combination and you really should check out this show!

All the poo you need!

Kitten N’ Lou are… OVEREXPOSED!
September 17, 18, and 19 @ 8pm
Location: West Hall, 2nd Floor Oddfellows Hall ,
915 E Pine Street, Captitol Hill


What happens when a bodacious burlesque star and a diminutive drag king fall in love? Showbiz magic! Kitten N’ Lou, the world’s show-BUSIEST couple are an award winning ‘fluorescent Fred and Ginger’ who will dance, lip sync and strip their way through an evening of hilarious high-camp hijinks.

Or at least that’s the plan…

Like in every marriage, Kitten N’ Lou’s best laid plans are subject to the twists and turns of life. As the couple navigates the reality of performing an evening length spectacular with only two performers, they find themselves facing the reality of what it means to be “just us” – an unconventional couple finding their way in the convention of marriage. This melange of cabaret acts employs glitter and glitz not only to entertain, but to reveal… How do two individuals deal with the borderline-existential-crisis-crash of postwedding married life? Who will pack the glitter? Where does the showbiz end and real life begin? Does it matter? Who are Kitten and Lou without “Kitten N’ Lou?”

Why, they’re National Treasures! And, specifically Seattle ones!!!

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