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Musings on Theatre 22’s “Can’t Talk Right Now” & The Seattle Fringe Fest

CantTAlkRightNowScotto Moore is one of my favorite local playwrights. He has terrific ideas to write about and his execution is crisp and fresh. His latest offering, Can’t Talk Right Now, is being done as an “off night” production (Tuesday and Wednesday – nights we usually don’t have theater) at 12th Avenue Arts, where Theatre22 is doing its critically acclaimed (already) production of Annapurna.

This is an hour long mystery play. Anastasia Higham plays a woman obsessed with old technology and who has a radio show as a platform for her stories. She finds an old answering machine (1994) and becomes consumed by finding the voices she hears. Amy Escobar, Jordi Montes and Jen Moon help flesh out the story.

It is an absorbing tale, and is fascinating in that it’s a male playwright who writes (credibly) about four women. It doesn’t appear to be all that serious in nature, but a small reveal leads us to realize that there is indeed a sober history included within.

You can see this show on 3/1,2,7,9/16 (at 8pm).

This play is very similar in nature to what is happening around town within the producing “envelope” of the Seattle Fringe Festival. The festival, revived by some committed theater practitioners after a years-long lapse, is an exciting opportunity to see a lot of new work, often solo performances, and see several shows in a single night. Comedy, drama, burlesque, magic… it’s all here.

You can see the history of the festival, which was extremely well-attended in the past, here.  The exciting shift in 2016 is to have limited the offerings to all local talent, rather than connecting with the network of fringe festivals that bring talent in from all over the world. While it’s sad not to have a unique travelling work appear here, this focus on local producers means that we can get introduced to – and support with our dollars – more of the local talent dying for some recognition.

Acts run between 30 and 90 minutes (most are around 55 minutes) at three locations: Annex Theatre, the theater spaces (three of them) downstairs inside the Armory at Seattle Center, and Eclectic Theater. Sites may schedule two or three shows in a single evening. You must pay for each show, but can have a lot of fun attending more than one at a time.

While there is no official contest, and there is certainly no other prize, some folks are attempting to see every performance of the Fest they can. I’m not even sure it’s possible, but have fun trying!

Here’s the line-up of shows/venues for the 2016 Seattle Fringe Fest produced by Theatre Puget Sound at Annex and Eclectic Theaters on Capitol Hill and the three theater spaces operated by TPS at Seattle Center’s Armory (the big lower level theater where Seattle Shakes/Book-It are based and the two smaller upstairs studio spaces).

*Click on A Show Title For Age Recommendations, Summaries, & more! *
SHOWS AT TPS CENTER THEATRE at Seattle Center Armory
2/26 7pm, 2/27 7pm, 3/4 7pm, 3/5 7pm
2/26 9pm, 2/27 9pm, 3/4 9pm, 3/5 9pm
 SIS Productions Presents Paper Angels
2/27 5pm, 3/5 5pm


Sasha Bailey Presents The Worry Machine 

2/25 7:30pm, 2/27 5:30pm, 2/28 7pm, 3/5 4pm

2/25 9pm, 2/27 9pm, 2/28 2pm, 3/3 7:30pm
2/26 9pm, 2/27 4pm, 3/4 7:30pm, 3/5 9pm
2/27 7:30pm, 2/28 5:30pm, 3/3 at 9pm, 3/5 at 7:30pm
2/26 7:30pm, 2/28 3:30pm, 3/4 9pm, 3/5 5:30pm
2/25 7:30pm, 2/27 9pm, 2/28 3:30pm, 3/4 7:30pm
2/25 9pm, 2/27 4pm,2/28 7pm, 3/5 7:30pm
2/26 7:30pm, 2/28 5:30pm, 3/3 9pm, 3/5 5:30pm
2/27 7:30pm, 2/28 2pm, 3/4 9pm, 3/5 4pm
SHOWS AT TPS BLACKBOX at Seattle Center Armory
2/25 7pm, 2/27 3:30pm, 3/4 8:30pm, 3/5 5pm
2/25 8:30pm, 2/27 7pm, 3/3 7pm, 3/5 3:30pm
2/26 7pm, 2/27 8:30pm, 3/4 7pm
2/26 8:30pm, 2/27 5pm, 3/3 8:30pm, 3/5 7pm
SHOWS AT TPS STUDIO at Seattle Center Armory
2/25 7:30pm, 3/3 9pm, 3/4 7:30pm, 3/5 4pm
2/25 9pm, 2/26 7:30pm, 2/27 5:30pm, 3/5 7:30pm
2/26 9pm, 2/27 7:30pm, 3/4 9pm, 3/5 5:30pm
2/27 4pm, 2/27 9pm, 3/3 7:30pm, 3/5 9pm
Here’s a handy schedule:

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