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PrideFest & Capitol Hill Chamber Team Up To Clean Up Your Filth This Sunday


You know it’s Pride Month in Seattle by a not so subtle series of events happening.

  1. The Pride Flag gets raised at Seattle City Hall on June 1st. Though, to be honest, we don’t understand why they don’t do it on the first SATURDAY of the month, so more people could participate, but whatevs…
  2. Some Pride based scandal happening. Whether it’s involving the Space Needle and the Pride Flag, or folks wanting to carry guns around at Pride events, or the Pride Parade folks losing their mind, or someone having a hissy fit because Cher isn’t performing, there’s always some crazy ass shit happening around this time of year…
  3. Finally, there’s the big annual CAPITOL HILL CLEAN SWEEP event happening THIS coming Sunday, June 5, 2016. It’s the very special community event co-presented by the fine folks at the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and Seattle PrideFest, the folks who also bring you the festival celebrations on Pride Weekend and many other events as well.

It’s at the crack of 10 am so set your alarm clocks to get up early Sunday morning to help clean our filthy streets of all the debris you pigs leave behind on your nightly benders!

This is a FREE event but please pre-register HERE so they know how many meals/t-shirts they need!

Capitol Hill Clean Sweep
Sun, Jun 5 at 10am
at Cal Anderson Park

A partnership between the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and PrideFest.

Join us for Clean Sweep 2016! We feed you breakfast and lunch, give you a free “I Am Capitol Hill” shirt, and you and your friends and neighbors clean the streets of Capitol Hill. This is a Pride kickoff event—help to clean up Capitol Hill for all the fun things happening on the Hill throughout the month. 300-400 people normally participate. We provide everything you need to participate.

Kids are welcome! Just be aware that sometimes garbage on the streets can be sharp or otherwise unsafe so plan your family’s participation accordingly (we provide gloves and sharps containers).

If you want to form a group with your business/church/organization, groups are generally 8-10 people. Have your team leader get tickets under their own name.

See you June 5, 10am, at Cal Anderson Park!

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