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Elohim Makes Her Enigmatic Seattle Debut At Chop Suey March 29th

Credit Chase O'Black

Credit Chase O’Black

Elohim is a one-woman show, offering psychedelic-inspired electronic music with emotional, spiritual pop vocals. Self-described as Alternative Experiential music, expect to see a dazzling light and video show to enhance the live music experience as Elohim manages to sing clearly and simultaneously execute two synthesizers, a mixing board, and a few drum machines. You can hear a little Portishead, you can hear some Radiohead. You can hear a little Björk too, but all-in-all, she has an original sound and quality to the music she creates – and yes, she produced everything you will hear.

Perhaps most importantly, you will leave the show feeling loved. Elohim purposely chooses to be mysterious as a strategy to let the art speak for itself, reaching the maximum of potential listeners.  She claims to simply be a vessel of expression from God, or the Gods, or the Universe, as however you would have it.  During concerts, words are expressed from a machine voice or through video text. The only natural voice you will hear is when Elohim sings.

While some audience members may be tempted to dance, the music itself has a warm, meditative, and loving quality that, in a live experience, will perhaps wash over others as they stand there, simply absorbing and experiencing all the swimming vibrations and energy filling the venue. Elohim delivers a bit of an escapist experience, hearing songs about love, heartbreak, freedom of living, and all the wonderful things which move us emotionally through our lives.

With highly memorable lyrics and melodies which are easy to sing, you’d best be served to download Elohim’s self-titled EP debut before the show so you can sing along with other big-time fans who are sure to be there. Give the music a few listens and you’ll find yourself singing it to yourself a few hours later. You can find the EP online on SoundCloud, Spotify, and most other digital distributors.  Check out the Elohim channel on YouTube to get a sense of the kind of storytelling you’re likely to see at the concert.

If I’ve made you curious at all, listen to what she had to say through her computerized voice on a Fuse video found on YouTube.. And if you’re moved by her own words, you should get tickets for her debut at Chop Suey on Wednesday, March 29th, doors at 7:30 p.m., and I’ll see you there! 

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