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UMO Is Ready To Lead The Resistance…


Satire and political cabaret have long been tools to fight oppression. Ancient Rome had satirical theater. The Middle Ages had jesters. The Renaissance created the Commedia dell’arte. More recently, the rise of the Nazis in Weimar Berlin led to much political cabaret and theater. It continues today with Saturday Night Live having a field day with the current illegitimate regime of Mr. Trump and his cronies.

Local stages are taking up the cause for the resistance as well with the fabulous theater company known as UMO Ensemble creating a new show UMO RESISTANCE CABARET which debuts this weekend (July 21-23) at ACT Theatre’s Bullitt Cabaret space. It’s a physical theater piece combining cirque arts, dance, movement and so much and should be a visually compelling piece of provocative theater.

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What does resistance look like? How do we resist? What is irresistible?

UMO and an amazing group of guest artists – featuring new buffoons, ladies in white, aerialists, musicians, singers, dancers, burlesque artists and more – will explore and explode these questions, with the vital help of the audience. Presidential addresses, suffrage speeches, found text and comic improvisation meld together in a show unlike anything else.

SEATING is LIMITED & Tickets are selling fast – BUY EARLY!

Tickets start at $25 (student & senior discounts available).

For tickets and more information, call 206.292.7676 or visit

For more information about UMO Ensemble, visit

Resistance Cabaret Artists include UMO Ensemble members Elizabeth Klob, Maria Glanz, David Godsey, Janet McAlpin and Lyam White; ACT Theatre’s Emily Penick, and guest artists Jesse Belle Jones, Lynelle Sjoberg, Abby Enson, Katheryn Reed, Molly Shannon, Marchette DuBois, Rob Jellinek, Taryn Dorsey, Chris Frickland, Briana Kersten – and more to be revealed.

In the past twenty years, UMO Ensemble has become known as one of the most innovative and compelling performance companies based in the Pacific Northwest. UMO Ensemble has made over 24 mind-blowingly gorgeous pieces of physical theatre that have been performed in theaters, at festivals, and in schools throughout the Northwest, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

UMO’s mission is to stir the human spirit and incite the imagination by providing awe, challenge and inspiration through the original and compelling art that is UMO. We are a theater of connection – to our audience, to the ensemble, to our bodies, to the imagination. Our work is image-rich and physical. We work with a broad palette, combining character, movement, music, sculpture and story. We seek the ancient alchemy of live performance, through which thoughts and images under the surface of culture are given voice and form.

UMO Resistance Cabaret will be performed in The Bullitt Theatre Space at ACT, 700 Union Street, in downtown Seattle. The production opens on July 21, 2017 and runs through July 23, 2017. Tickets start at $25 (student & senior discounts available). For tickets and more information, call 206.292.7676 or visit For more information about UMO Ensemble, visit

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