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SGS Test Drive: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

I love driving cars.  So I’m really enjoying this new relationship with General Motors where they send me fun new cars to drive, take on trips, and play with all the buttons and gadgets.  This time, I was provided with the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse for a Christmas trip to my parent’s home in SW Washington for a week.


How cool is it to see your entire car from above when parking!?

The Traverse is a larger crossover SUV but not so large that it’s difficult to drive or park in the city.  In the days leading up to my Christmas trip, I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do and found the Traverse to be a great city navigator and loved how comfortable the ride was.  I felt like I was floating over all the potholes, and broken up streets that plague Seattle.  Parking was a breeze with the cool Surround Vision camera system which provides a “bird’s eye” view of the area around the car while

Traverse City

So easy to drive and park in the city.



As we departed Seattle for SW Washington, both my husband and I commented on how comfortable the Traverse was driving down I-5.  Anyone from around here knows the terrible condition of I-5 around Seattle, and we felt like we were driving on a smooth newly paved roadway.  The big, plush leather heated seating made the long drive relaxing and enjoyable.


Look at all that leg room! Comfort for all.

After arriving at my parent’s, the family was preparing to go to my aunt and uncle’s home for Christmas Eve.  The plan was for us to drive a couple of vehicles the 30 miles to their home, since there were 7 of us going.  Luckily for us, the Traverse has seating for 7, so we were all able to travel together, which we really enjoyed.  With 4 large individual seats, and a spacious 3rd row bench seat, we were all able to comfortably fit in the
Traverse.  Usually getting to that 3rd row can be a real pain, however, Chevrolet has solved this problem with their new enhanced Smart Slide second row seating.  The curbside seat is capable of tipping up and sliding forward, even if you have a child seat in place, which provides really easy access to the third row.  Even with 7 adults in the car, and a couple dogs, the Traverse didn’t feel weighed down and provided a luxurious ride for the whole family.

Here’s what I loved about the Traverse:

  1. Interior chrome accents, LED lighting and leather finishes gives the Traverse a luxurious premium look and feel.


    So clean, crisp and modern.

  2. The 8 inch MyLink entertainment system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible and works flawlessly.
  3. Surround Vision – makes parking in the tightest city parking spots easy.
  4. We rocked out using the Bose premium 10 speaker sound system
  5. The Traverse has a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot built in so you can connect phones, tablets or a computer to the network and have internet wherever you go.
  6. Comfortable seating for 7 – so much room to take all the family and friends on the next adventure.
  7. The nine-speed transmission was smooth and responsive, making the Traverse a dream to drive.
  8. Rear vision camera in the rear-view mirror. Great for when you have a car full of people and can’t see out the back window.
  9. Keyless remote car starting was really nice to get the car warmed up before venturing outside.
traverse snow

Make sure to get the AWD model if you plan to drive through snow.

What I didn’t love about the Traverse:

  1. The model I tested was front-wheel drive, which did not handle well in the snow.  Go for the All-wheel drive option if you plan to venture into snow country.
  2. That’s it – I really couldn’t think of anything else I didn’t love about the Traverse!

The Chevrolet Traverse is a superb vehicle that I would recommend to anyone looking for a new cross-over SUV.  The model I tested was priced at $42,000, which at first glance might seem like a lot for a Chevrolet, but you have to check out and drive the Traverse to understand that this isn’t your father’s old Chevy.  The all-new Chevrolet Traverse ranks right up there with any other luxury cross-over SUV, and with the advancements Chevrolet has made, it’s worth every penny.




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