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The Long Haul - Teaser Trailer from Amy J. Enser on Vimeo.

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Those Zexy Buckaroos Are Back With The SIFF Premiere of The Long Haul

The Buckaroos

The Buckaroos

The world is finally ready for the premiere of THE LONG HAUL: THE STORY OF THE BUCKAROOS, the 4 years in the making documentary about Seattle’s all male, cowboy parody/burlesque/stripper troupe of dancers. It’s a beefcake bonanza in the “Magic Mike” style with Seattle area filmmaker Amy J. Enser following the Buckaroos both onstage and off, to uncover the real story about those zexy men in chaps and bandannas. 

You might have caught an earlier version of this film a few years back, which included interactive elements actually featuring the Buckaroos up close and in your face. This is the final “non interactive” version, though there are cast members scheduled to attend both screenings this week as the film plays the Seattle International Film Festival on Wednesday, June 5th at 7pm at the Egyptian Cinema on Capitol Hill followed by an encore screening on Saturday, June 8th at AMC Pacific Place at 11 am.

The film explores the origins of the troupe with creators Chris Pink and dancer Jon Bechtel aka “Bronco” and a familiar face/body to fans of the Can Can Cabaret in Pike Place Market. The rest of the line-up includes a wide variety of types: Deputy (Keon Price),  Haus (Jonathan Houser), Slim (Erik Cargill), Slam (Joshua Palmer), and host T-Bone Tucker Long Haul Trucker (Kaleb Kerr). The film spends time with all of them during its 84 minutes as we learn about each member’s journey (some are gay…some are not) to get to where they are…as Buckaroos.

Tickets available HERE and if you use the code GAY19 you get $3 off your ticket price!!!

Schweet! Also, note there will be an after party for the Wednesday screening at the Egyptian….after the film, head down the street to Linda’s for party with the filmmakers and cast!



SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

7:00 PM Director Amy Enser, many of the cast/crew scheduled to attend


AMC Pacific Place 

11:00 AM Director Amy Enser, many of the cast/crew scheduled to attend
Jon Bechtel as Bronco.

Jon Bechtel as Bronco.

More poo:

Seattle’s all-male, country-Western-themed, slightly parodistic burlesque dance troupe uncovers their secrets and bares their souls (and plenty else) in this up-tempo doc.

Hungry for beefcake? Amy J. Enser’s debut documentary serves it up, cowboy style, nice and hot. But these are not the sculpted, musclebound Adonises from the Magic Mike films—these are “The Buckaroos,” a group of six self-described “average Joes” representing a wide range of male body types, from long and lean to potbelly to the en vogue “dad bod” look. The all-male revue, performed every summer at The Triple Door in Seattle, is a comedic twist on the famed Chippendales-style troupes reimagined as a Western-style variety show, complete with hay bales, cowboy hats, lube, sequined thongs, and little else. A project four years in the making, The Long Haul captures the live, interactive theatrical experience that began in 2014 as the brainchild of Chris Pink and Jon Bechtel, owners of Seattle’s Can Can Culinary Cabaret. But the documentary also delves into the quieter personal lives of the Buckaroos and explores the surreal paths that compelled each of them to cavort onstage wearing only rubber ducks over their genitals. By tweaking traditional masculine stereotypes, Enser’s riotously entertaining, inspirational doc celebrates the camaraderie of this unlikely group of performers and the confidence they gained from the yeehaw, unabashed thrill of taking their clothes off in public.

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