Seattle Trans Pride Is Friday!

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Deadline For Seattle Trans Camp Is Friday September 2nd

Are you transgender/non-binary and either enjoy camping in the Great Outdoors or are keen to TRY camping in the Great Outdoors with other trans people?

Then the folks from Seattle Trans Joy have just the thing for you…it’s their second Trans Camping event of the year and it’s happening September 21st through the 25th at a location on the east side of the Cascades.

You have until this Friday, September 2nd to apply…note this is for trans people only! Go to the Trans.Camp website to apply:

That website can also answer all your questions but here’s a few down below:

What is Trans Camp?
It’s a free community-organized 4-night camp weekend, open to trans- and nonbinary- adults. Our goals are to create a transnormative space where we can be ourselves, to bring community together to make friends and connections, to make the outdoors accessible to trans folks, and to create some awesome trans joy.This is our 2nd trans camp open to applications. The 1st one in June 2022 was a huge success! We had such a good time full of trans joy and creativity, and lots of long-lasting friendships were made.

How do I attend?
Click the apply button above and submit the application by end of day Sept 2, 2022. We’ll plan to notify applicants on Sept 7.We’ll very likely get more applications than spots available, so please please don’t be offended if you aren’t accepted. We make some very tough decisions on accepting folks. We highly prioritize marginalized groups such as BIPOC, and work to have a mix of different ages, camping experiences, etc.

Will there be organized activities?
Trans Camp will mostly be an organic community space, meaning it will become what you want it to become! That means you can meet new trans folks, share meals, play games, listen to music, enjoy nature, do anything else you can imagine, and chill at your campsite when you want some time to recharge. There will be group campfires after sundown, and folks will be organizing several trips to nearby Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth, hikes, etc.

When is it?
It’s from Wednesday, Sept 21 to Sunday, Sept 25. Sunset is at 7pm, so you should arrive between 2pm-6pm on Thursday. We should leave by 12pm on Sunday. You may be able to join if you can’t attend the entire time, but folks who can attend all four nights will have much higher priority. If you unexpectedly have to leave early if you have health issues or just aren’t having a good time (which we hope doesn’t happen!), you can leave early no problem!

How many people will be there?
We’ll plan to have room for about 30 tents, which likely will be about 40 people. The strong goal is >50% BIPOC folks, which we expect to hit and were able to reach at our first trans camp (57%!).

What does it cost?
There is no cost to you for camping, but you’ll be responsible for your own food, water, transportation (gas), and camping equipment, unless you request aid via the application form!

Again, go to for ALL the info and to apply!

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