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Like twins racing out of the womb, we have Drag Race’s first ever double crowning! Ryan and Tim reflect on All-Stars 4, the victories of two queens, and how Ru STILL has these girls jumping through hoops in these finales.

In the wake of a devastating episode of Drag Race, Tim and Ryan find solace in discussing Black History Month, Lucky Charms, and the shady storm cloud that eclipsed Manila Luzon’s shining star.


Tim is back with a vengeance. He and Ryan discuss tequila blackouts, Canadian booty pics, and Valentina’s dashed fantasies.


When Tim is away, the girls will play! Guest host Nick Bernard joins Ryan and the two chat about the most important things in life: Naomi’s back bend, Broad City, the danger of silicone injections, and Latrice’s triumphant return!


The “angels”  think they’re safe, but the “devils” are back for revenge. Tim and Ryan dish about a Latrice shaped hole in our hearts, the afterlife, and Manila going rogue.


In this episode, Ryan and Tim talk trans representation, Jersey courtroom antics, Brown Cow Stunning, and the international day of mourning for Our Lady the Most Beloved.

AS4 ep4

She’s a coldhearted snake (Oh!) Look into her eyes. In this episode of The Tuck Tapes, Tim and Ryan unpack the audacity, backstabbery, and sabotagiousness of what may have been Drag Race’s most cringe-worthy Snatch Game yet.

AS4 ep3

Farrah’s crying is out of fashion. Gia’s fangs are out and bared. And Tim and Ryan are out of patience with these forced conflicts. Tune in while they shine a light on all the unhealthy interactions (and amazing looks) of All Stars 4, Episode 2.

AS4 ep2

Fresh on the heels of the holiday episode flop, Drag Race is back with Season 4 of all stars. Tim and Ryan unpack the premier, including Trinity’s tuck-cess, Jasmine’s stage bomb, and how Gia is already out for blood.


Tim and Ryan round the final lap on Drag Race Season 10 and kiki about comatose butterflies, their Pride ’18 stories, your reigning Drag Race queen, Miss Aquaria.


This week, Ryan and Tim discuss the Season 10 reunion and bicker about Yuhua’s corpse look, The Vixen’s infamous walk-off, and how everyone apparently hates Kameron?


This week, Tim and Ryan talk tight choreo, elephant noises, oral herpes, and a Top 4 that is trying REALLY hard to convince you they deserve it.


This week, Tim and Ryan discuss mental health, big ol’ bones, and Kameron as this season’s Lip Sync Slayer.


Deep in the concrete forest of Seattle, a clinical psychologist/aspiring Real Housewife joins a healthcare professional/drag writer to dish in the dark about RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10. These are the secret observations, reality TV penchants, and artistic critiques from the watchers in the shadows, Tim and Ryan. These. Are. The Tuck Tapes.

Can you stand it? Tim and Ryan kiki about labor union drag, straight weddings, PTSD, and Miz Cookie’s reputable ass.


Tune in this week as Tim and Ryan discuss Pit Crew booty, Miz Cracker’s hostess performance, a pill-popping Kameron, and Angela Merkel’s BDSM fetish.


In this episode, Tim and Ryan unpack The Vixen’s vengeance, Miz Cracker’s childhood poverty, cultural appropriation, and Cher Mother of Dragons Breaker of Chains.

Tuck Tapes ep8

This week’s episode is an exploration of Monique’s economic duress, The Vixen’s fury toward Eureka, Ryan’s country roots, and Tim’s unapproachable scowl.

Tuck Tapes Ep 7 Poster

This week, Tim and Ryan discuss bottomless mimosas, whitesplaining, and the most gorgeous goddamn dandelion you’ve ever seen.


Join Tim and Ryan as they discuss Miz Cracker’s rise to the top, diaper fetishes, and Robbie Turner’s “dead” Uber driver.


In this week’s episode, Tim and Ryan discuss sassy burning bushes, Dear White People, and the runway looks that took us to global warming’s fickle-yet-fashionable future.