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Katya Posts Alarming Instagram Message: “Taking A Mental Health Break”

Drag Star Katya seems to be having a public meltdown. Photo by Sean Johnson (

Drag Star Katya seems to be having a public meltdown.
Photo by Sean Johnson (

Popular internationally known drag performer and Season 7 RPDR/All-Stars 2 contestant KATYA made an alarming announcement today via Instagram where the star announced, in French, that she was taking a little break. The rambling post also eluded to mental health and addiction issues.

Via World of Wonder:


‘Hi, it’s Katya. This is a message transmitted in French, if you’re not French this is not going to make any sense to you.

‘In French, I’m going to talk about David Lynch, and also about my health.

‘There is no emergency, there is no emergency. But I needed to take a little break. It was time to take a vacation, because my health, the drugs, my brain, that wasn’t good.

‘If you’re French, this will make perfect sense.

‘I speak French, but I never have the opportunity to practice speaking French because I’m always busy, I’m always working. I work a lot.

‘I’m a language student first, an artist second, a drag queen third.’

‘But I am not crazy, you understand of course. I’m a language student first, an artist second, a drag queen third. Health is the most important thing for me.

‘You have to understand me. In the future, I need to take more vacations, I’m a person, I’m a human. You need to hear me.

‘Right now, this is not a crisis. I’m taking a vacation for me. I need to take a vacation. The sun is there, I’m happy. My health is here, I’m happy.

‘I’m telling you this with a sense of urgency. I’m not dying. Let me tell you the truth. I’m not dying, I want to live. I’m a drug addict, but I’m sober. Today, and yesterday. And before. But I need to take a vacation, because I want to survive like Gloria Gaynor.’

‘I’m not dying because I want to live.’

‘In French, I need to say, I’m human. That’s all. It’s a joke for Americans, for French people, it’s not.

‘I love French, I’ve always loved French. I learned French because I love French. Today, right now, I tell you “bonjour.”

‘But I need to take a vacation because I’m tired, I’m exhausted, my brain doesn’t work anymore, because of the drugs, because of all the gigs, I believe you will understand. We’ll see, and I wish you a good day. Bye bye.’

The message has since been removed from Instagram.

Katya is scheduled for appearances in the Pacific Northwest this March and April with her now alarmingly titled new solo show, “HELP ME, I’M DYING!”….her Seattle appearance is scheduled for April 26, 2018 at the Egyptian Cinema.

Oh, dear…this IS concerning. Hopefully Katya aka Brian McCook, is getting some help.

We’ve reached out to Five Senses Reeling who are producing Katya’s appearances in Seattle, Portland and Boise this winter/spring and they issued this statement:

“We are aware of Katya’s announcement. At this time, we have not yet received word on whether Katya’s shows in Boise, Portland, or Seattle will be affected. We wish Katya the best and we will let you know updates as we receive them from Katya’s management.”

We’ll keep you posted.

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