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Golden Girls: The Puppet Parody To Drop New Episodes

The Golden Girls is one of the most beloved American sitcoms of all time and despite the fact the last episode was filmed nearly 30 years ago, the iconic show about ladies of a certain age sharing a house in Miami is still a cultural phenomenon especially for those of the LGBTQ persuasion who like the show’s theme of living with a chosen family…and all the brilliant comedy performances from a quartet of legendary actresses.

GG lives on in endless reruns and with merchandise and approximately 23,465 live drag queen parody shows but there’s also an internationally acclaimed stage version of the show but instead of middle aged drag queens, it’s populated with….puppets!

Yes…puppets! So much easier to work with rather than old, bitter drag queens battling addictions and various Sexually Transmitted Parasites…plus, puppets don’t whine and demand drink tickets!

That Golden Girl Show! A Puppet Parody will release 16 episodes on Broadway on Demand starting September 14th…go to to sign up.


Get your cheesecake ready and pull up your wicker-framed chair… it’s the ‘Golden Girls’ as you’ve never seen them before – as puppets! All 16 episodes are packed full of cheesecake, shoulder pads, sex, men, get-rich-quick schemes, wit and humor that only a puppet parody can deliver. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with a warm-hearted salute to the original television series.

“These unprecedented and challenging times allowed us a unique opportunity to pivot and create new digital content that we are very excited to share. We all need a good laugh right now, and what better way than to create 16 brand-new, original episodes of That Golden Girl Show! A Puppet Parody.  We are thankful to Broadway On Demand for enabling us to bring these episodes into households around the country.” Rockefeller Productions, Jonathan Rockefeller 

Created and directed by Jonathan Rockefeller, That Golden Girl Show!  was originally presented as a live stage production that debuted in New York City in 2016. The show received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike who described it as “Hilarious!” EW; “Classy and Sassy.  A laugh-out-loud parody “Gay City News; “The production packs in some of the show’s great punch lines.  A puppet parody feels like the right medium to revisit the iconic characters.” Towleroad; “Golden Girls fans have a treat in store.” Huffington Post; “Hilarious! It’s as bitty, catty, and familiar as genurkenflurken!  It is funny, heartwarming, and nostalgic all rolled into one.” Times Square Chronicle; “Truly excels at bringing a pop culture classic into the 21st century. It feels just as fresh, modern, and daring as it does familiar. Make no mistake: this show is all shoulder pads and bright colors, glamour and sass splendidly fun tribute to a groundbreaking and beloved sitcom.” NY Theatre Guide; “The vibe is electric with stunningly crafted Golden Girls puppets. “Stage Buddy; “What a hoot! Jonathan Rockefeller hit the jackpot. A unique tribute that is as funny as, if not more, than the original.” Splash Magazine. 

Cast includes Ashley Brooke as Sophia, Cat Greenfield as Blanche, Michael LaMasa as Dorothy, and Kirsty Moon as Rose. Produced and directed by Jonathan Rockefeller, the creative team includes Doug Kmiotek (writer), Nate Edmondson (original music), Michael Hull (puppet director), David Goldstein (set design), and Rockefeller Productions (puppet creation). The production team includes Kevin Guzewich (cinematographer/editor), Nicole Maupin (sound mixer), Ash Knowlton (supervising sound editor). Executive Producers of That Golden Girl Show! A Puppet Parody are Sean Cercone, Ken Dingledine, Jeffery Keilholtz, and Jonathan Rockefeller.

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