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MoPOP and ECCC Rule Nerd Weekend…AND, Jason Momoa Is In Town!!!!

March 2, 2017 • Are you ready? Are you READY?? (Yeah, I’m quoting the song by Alaska...


We’re BAAACK…Geek Girl Con Takes Over This Weekend!

October 6, 2016 • That’s right, everyone. Geeks and nerds who are sick of the heteronormative masses at...

Dr. Who actor Tony Curran and Dalek at Seattle's 2016 Steamposium convention. Photo: Korra Q

Quitchyer Bitchin’! Small Conventions RULE!

September 27, 2016 • Nerds are passionate people. We adore discussing our favorite...


Done with Summer? Get Steamy!

September 22, 2016 • That’s right, you fabulous beasts of the alternate universe Victorian...

Trivia at Raygun Lounge, April 7.

ECCC ’16 Wrap Up

April 12, 2016 • FOUR DAYS AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Bodies are sore and tired. Brains are...


Photo: Korra Q

Nerd Xmas is Over. How’d You Do At PAX 2015?

September 3, 2015 • And just like that, PAX Prime 2015 was done. This year, it was so huge, it...


What’s at PAX BESIDES Games? Find Out!

August 27, 2015 • So by now you probably have the PAX app on your phone, tablet,...


ECCC 2015=Best Ever!!

April 1, 2015 • Holy shitsnacks!!! I don’t know about you folks, but this...