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(Lotsa) Stuff to Do. Monday, 1/24/2011: RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere at Lobby and much more!

The Season 3 Cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race". Photo: Mathu Andersen/Logo

Since when did Mondays become the “hot” fun party on down night? There are TONS of fun options for stuff to do tonight. Instead of resting up from the weekend’s events, get your butt out the door and DO something…you can rest tomorrow.

Of course, the big event is the season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 tonight at Lobby Bar, the official “RDR” viewing location in Seattle. Join hostesses Glamazonia Jolie-Pitt and Lily Armani (with special guest, Dolly Madison) for a night of “Drag Race” watchin’, drinkin’ some awesome Absolut cocktails on special, and maybe grab some RuPaul’s Drag Race swag, courtesy of their network, LOGO. The hootin’ and the hollerin’ will commence at 7:15pm with an encore presentation of the finale of Season 2, followed by the viewing of the premiere at 8pm, which is TWO hours before everyone else at home gets to see it! We’ll be there to cover the fun AND we’ll continue with our exclusive RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Three cast interviews, (another one up today). And, unlike other sites that claim “exclusive” interviews, our RDR interviews ARE exclusive! (Sometimes, you have to toot your own horn, if no one else is around to toot it for you…)

If drag races ain’t your groove thang, but you love crazy video hijinks, then head to Re-bar for the First Anniversary Extravaganza of Collide-O-Scope, the nutty, twice a month, mini-film festival at Re-bar, (and, coming soon to Central Cinema). These are the folks that put together some of the video comedy bits you see at Sylvia O’Stayformore and Dina Martina shows…they are ridiculously funny. All the fun runs from 7pm to 11pm and features FREE Redvines, FREE Popcorn and FREE Valuable Prizes. Admission is only $6…CHEAP! Check it out.

Nick Garrison. Photo: Robert J. Aguilar

If you aren’t into drag races or video silliness, then check out the smooth vocal stylings of a man who’s done both, but is singing for his supper tonight at Vito’s, the slightly mobstery Italian bistro at 9th & Madison on First Hill. The divinity known as Nick Garrison is performing his cabaret lounge act “Kill the Lonely Hours” starting at 7pm and he’s being accompanied by Nathan Young with special guest Branden Romans. We love Mr Garrison for his roles in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the Brown Derby shows at Re-bar; for his frequent appearances on legit theater stages all over Seattle and for his gig as front man for his Weimar-esque band, “The Love Markets” (with front woman Angie Louise). We insist you love him, too. Also, you can check out the awesome and voluptuous nekkid lady mosaic in the men’s room; the ladies will be insisting that their menfolk drag them in there to check it out…she’s a peach!

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