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January 24, 2011 Comments Off on WTF? Dan Savage on MTV? Views: 2237 Arts & Entertainment

WTF? Dan Savage on MTV?

Dan looks hot here, but I have to point out, this photo is not very recent...but, he still looks good...for a man in his 50's. (I keed, I keed!)

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Seattle’s own ubermensch, writer/editor/advocate Dan Savage is working on a pilot to bring a version of his Savage Love sex advice column to MTV. Camera crews have been following Mr Savage on his recent college lecture tour, where he speaks to students and answers sex and relationship related questions. This would be Mr Savage’s second known attempt at a television series. Last year, the writer filmed a pilot for a similar show for HBO, but the show was apparently not picked up.

Mr Savage is known to Seattlites as the Editorial Director at alt-weekly The Stranger and nationally for Savage Love, his frequent appearances as a pundit on talk and news shows, and for the “It Gets Better Project” which focuses on preventing suicides for LGBTQ teens that face bullying and intolerance.

And, I have to add, the idea that Dan could have a show on MTV is pretty funny. He’s well known for not liking pop/rock music and being a devout Broadway Musical fan. I can’t quite see him hanging with Lady Gaga, Eminem or Cee Lo at an MTV function. And, knowing MTV, they’ll probably eventually give him Tila Tequila as a sidekick.

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