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The Savage-Millers hit the road to promote “It Gets...

February 19, 2011 Comments (1) Views: 1173 Books

“It Gets Better Project”….The BOOK!

Dan Savage and Terry Miller of the "It Gets Better Project".

As seen on The Stranger’s SLOG site: Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller announce, in a new video, the coming publication of a book version of their national anti-gay bullying/teen suicide prevention project, “The ‘It Gets Better’ Project” on March 22. According to the video, Mr Miller, and not Mr Savage, has been the primary editor of the book project, though both men are credited on the cover of the book. Mr Miller’s stories of near constant childhood/teenaged years bullying in his native Spokane lit the spark for the two men to initially begin the project last year, not realizing that it would become a huge national/international phenomenon with millions of hits on YouTube and video contributions from thousands of people, both queer and allied. LGBT contributors to the project include David Sedaris, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Gunn, Suze Orman, Kate Clinton, and Perez Hilton (among many others) and non-queer participants have included President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The book will feature many of the videos in essay form, as well as new material, plus sections devoted specifically for kids being bullied as well as information and advice for parents, teachers and schools on how to combat and prevent persecution of gay youth.

To submit your own video to the Project or to preorder the book, go to the “It Gets Better” website.

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