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Don’t Frock It Up: SGS Exclusive Interview with Shangela!

March 26, 2011 Comments (2) Views: 1462 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment

We demand someone adapt this into a play…

Maybe something at Re-bar or Open Circle or Annex…with Jinxx Monsoon, Dina Martina and Glamazonia? Or, maybe Ade, Jackie Hell and BenDelLaCreme? Craig Trolli, Troy Mink and Sylvia O’Stayformore? So many casting opportunities…It would be AWESOME!

As seen on WoW who snagged it from Retrogasm.

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2 Responses to We demand someone adapt this into a play…

  1. Ya know – I was once fairly well known for my theatre work in this town. And I’m still kickin’… I’m just sayin….
    M’wah – M.

  2. Michael Strangeways says:

    sigh…must I list EVERY queen in TOWN!!!???

    “OR, how about Mark “Mom” Finley, Aleksa Manila, Gaysha Starr, Lady Chablis, and every queen at Julia’s?”

    I think that covers everyone…