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Happy Birfday to Carla Schricker and Ade!

Note: Photo not actually of Ms Ade and Ms Schricker.

Two of Seattle’s biggest Queens have a Birfday today and since SGS adores both of them, we have to let the world know about it. The lovely Diva Superstar Queen Ade is turning 22 again and her favorite patroness of the arts, Re-bar owner Carla Schricker, aka DJ MC Queen Lucky is also celebrating her birth anniversary. And, where the hell would Seattle be without Re-bar and Carla’s tireless support of alternative theater, film, music, poetry, drag, dance, burlesque and all around awesomeness. She’s supported the careers of DOZENS of artists and groups, both local and national, including Dan Savage, Dina Martina, Sylvia O’Stayformore, Nick Garrison, Ian Bell and the Brown Derby crew, Jinxk Monsoon, and many, many others.

Raise a big toast to both lovely ladies…and, rumor has it, you can do it in person at Re-bar tonight for a special birfday celebration with an all-star line-up:

Sylvia O’Sayformore
Jackie Hell
Josh Hartvigson
Blyss Blaze
Maxine De La Cunt
Kerry and James
and Jinx Monsoon
Plus video by
Michael and Shane
And DJ Freddy King of Pants!
the debut of Ad√©’s new video!! DO NOT MISS THIS

They request NO presents but if you feel generous, donate some money to a good cause like Noise for the Needy or Seattle Humane Society. The fun starts at 9pm!

Cheers to Ade and Carla!

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