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Yep. He did.

In case you missed it… last week, apparently Congressman Anthony Weiner (NY, 9th District) was embroiled into a wee controversy around a suggestive photo that he allegedly has tweeted on his personal phone. He spent much of the last week dodging questions, and being evasive, but now has fessed up to sending the semi-naughty underpantsy photo.

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Two major lessons here: 1) If you aren’t altogether sure how a technology works, don’t gamble your career on it, and 2) always wear nice underpants.

Hopefully we’re moving into a place where this isn’t a career killer, but if conservatives are smart, they’ll shut their yaps about it. When it comes to sexy scandals, this one looks like a tea party compared to some of the madness that conservatives have gotten themselves into in recent years.

We are FAR too classy to share the Congressman’s unfortunate underpants shot, but if you REALLY want to see it, I guess you can click on the jump to see.

The offending photo. Mazel tov, I guess?


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