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August 25, 2011 Comments Off on The Movies Column: Miranda July and Space Mutiny Views: 1336 Arts & Entertainment, Film

The Movies Column: Miranda July and Space Mutiny

New releases are the pits in August. Luckily there are theaters that show limited release pictures and special screenings, or else we’d be forced to watch 1000 crappy Hollywood remakes. Let’s take a look at what’s playing in Seattle’s independent theaters this week.

The Future, directed by Miranda July, starring Miranda July and Hamish Linklater. It’s common knowledge that Miranda July is cool. Somehow she can take her vision deep into “cute” territory without succumbing to the mawkish whimsy so common in 2000s indie-style invented by Wes Anderson, Spike Jones and Michel Gondry. In July’s second major motion picture she plays one half of a couple experiencing an early mid-life crisis upon the adoption of a cat missing one leg. Only because she’s a genius can she turn this kind of moronic naval gazing into art. (Harvard Exit, all week)

In a Glass Cage (1987) directed by Agustin Villaronga. When a movie gets called as disturbing as Passolini’s Salo, you know it means business. In this Spanish film a former Nazi doctor/rapist/murderer of young men is confined to an iron lung after a failed suicide attempt. His nurse is a young man who turns out to be one of his former victims who recreates the conditions of the Nazi death camps while on duty. Marisa Parades co-stars. The trailer looks cool, but seriously, what is going on here? (Grand Illusion Cinema, all week)

Space Mutiny (1988). The trailer’s voice over literally says, “You’ve seen Star Wars, now get ready for Space Mutiny.” Well, how about a Canadian version of Star Wars? Bad Movie Art truly found one of the least inspired Star Wars rip-offs ever made with this month’s installment. It makes Pia Zadora’s Voyage of the Rock Aliens look original. I suppose you could say those dance moves are “original”, but not as a compliment. You’ll just have to see it to believe it. (Central Cinema, Monday)

Sorry I could only find the German trailer on Youtube, but you get the idea.

Ryan Hicks is Development Manager for Three Dollar Bill Cinema, a film fan, and contributor to Seattle Gay Scene.

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