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September 2, 2011 Comments (1) Views: 1516 Uncategorized

Casting Call: Ben Delacreme is looking for a few good Bears.

Ben Delacreme needs some Bear Meat to go with that pop corn!

Ben Delacreme, probably our favorite drag/burlesque artiste in the world, is preparing for her latest “Homo for the Holidays” show (Jeesh! Already! Christmas was like, what, a couple months ago?) and she’s looking for a few zexy Bears to round out her cast for the 4th incarnation of the beloved Christmas tradition. The auditions are Sunday, September 11 but you need to sign up for an audition. Here’s the casting call for the “Bear Hunt”.

Seeking Bears, Daddies and Leathermen in all
performance disciplines. Actors, dancers, singers,
comedians, musicians, jugglers, strippers, or something we
haven’t imagined yet. Please bring a prepared piece in your
chosen form (a monologue, a song, etc) that is no more
than five minutes in length. Audition pieces do not need to be thematically related to the holidays.

Please email for
more information or to set up an audition time.

About the show:
“HOMO for the Holidays” is in it’s fourth year of high spirited, high
camp, cabaret/theater hybrid hijinks, providing alternative
definitions of “family” and “home” for Seattle’s GLBTQ
communities and their allies.
“HftH” is a unique mix of dance, theater, song, comedy and
burlesque scripted and directed by BenDeLaCreme.
Performers will expected to attend rehearsal and work with
the director to develop this ensemble work leading up to a
seven show run Dec 15th through Dec 24th.
All performances will be compensated.

We hope Gio auditions but I don't think Ben Delacreme can afford him...he's pricey.

I don’t know how many singing, dancing, juggling bears live in Seattle, but I wish Ms Delacreme the best of luck and can’t WAIT to see the outcome! (I know some Otters who are definitely up for the show.)

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