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Untucked with Brian: Exclusive Interview with Sharon Needles from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season Four!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four is about to jump fire tonight at Lobby Bar (the official Logo viewing location for “RPDR”) and we are pleased to release this exclusive interview with Sharon Needles, from Pittsburgh. Sharon’s unique attack to the art of drag is different and we got down to where her name comes from and where she got her start in drag. When it comes to the first challenge, Needles brings a crisp style to the zombie challenge that you can catch tonight with Seattle Gay Scene at The Lobby Bar.

Sharon Needles is our third contestant in our exclusive interview series on "Untucked with Brian".

B.Michael Peterson: Where did your drag name come from and how has it become a part of your career?

Sharon Needles: I was never inspired by pageant queens I was always attracted to the crass I don’t give a fuck queens. I thought Sharon needles was the most offensive play with words names I could think of. Unfortunately I should have done my research because Sharon needles is like a governor, there is one in every state. Sharon needles shows the non serious side of the entertainment industry and mocks serious issues.

Read more of the interview after the jump…

Peterson: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Needles: Newton. Iowa and now I live in Pittsburgh, Transylvania

Peterson: Welcome to season four, hunty, how many times did you have to audition to get on this show?

Needles: Once

Peterson: What animal do you represent in the jungle?

Needles: Party

Sometimes a queen needs to unleash her inner zombie. Check out tonight's episode of Drag Race for the zombie challenge.

Peterson: Excluding RuPaul and Lady Bunny, what previous drag race contestant do you aspire to, or look up to and why?

Needles: Anyone who has pounced the drag race runway has become a true inspiration to me. Even porkchop

Peterson: Without revealing details about the show (of course), how would you describe this season in comparison to the previous seasons?

Needles: Extremely more emotional. Someone get the tissues. I’m putting my stock in kleenex this year

Peterson: How confident are you in getting crowned the next Drag Superstar?

Needles: Even being considered to be a contestant on rupauls drag race is an honor

Peterson: On many reality shows, people have said that they are not here to make friends. What’s your take on making friends on reality shows?

Needles: Inevitable

Peterson: Are there any special groups that are formed this season with some of the girls?

Needles: I plead the 5th

Sharon Needles is coming for your eyes and eleganza so tune in and watch this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Season Four!

Peterson: Every season, there is always a sewing challenge on the show. Do you sew and if so, how well are you gifted at this trade?

Needles: My sewing is sew sew but I do have a registered hot glue gun

Peterson: There are a handful of fabulous guest judges for this season. How well did you respond to the criticisms of Michelle Visage and santino.

Needles: I personally find a lot of myself in Michelle visage so criticism from her was a gift and I was surprised to find santino more engaged with us than expected

Peterson: What is your strength and what is your weakness as a drag queer and artist?

Needles: My strengths are the ability to make something from nothing and to take dark issues and shove them into the spot light. My weakness is an absolute inability to conform to the standards of the average queen. But is that really a weakness?!

Peterson: Where does drag fit into your overall career?

Needles: Well drag is no fucking part time job

Peterson: What is your current relationship status? Single? Partnered? Widowed?

Needles: I would say married but my husband Alaska would say widowed

Peterson: What three words would you say to Michele Bachmann if she were standing right in front of you?

Needles: That’s a man!!!

Peterson: What person, dead or alive, would you love to spend an entire day with and why?

Needles: Tammy Faye. Because I admire her unconventional beauty, her ability to overcome adversity and overall insanity.

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