Final Instructions for Red Dress 2012.

John Waters can get married! Maryland becomes the 8th...

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One last look at the awesome Red Dress Party 2012!

The definitive Mark Finley pose...well, except for the fact the mouth is closed...but looking FABU-LOUS! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Here’s a few more photos from last Saturday’s lovely Red Dress Party 2012 held at Fremont Studios and benefiting four great local AIDS/HIV non-profits. And, big kudos for the Red Dress Party planning committee:

Sam Galano — SRDP Director
Brian Gorr — Entertainment Director
Robert Matencio/Gaysha Starr — Entertainment Coordinator and Community Outreach Director
John Fulton — Marketing and Design Director

AND, all the staff/volunteers/talent for putting on a great event. You all did an amazing job!

ALSO/AND: They’ve announced that the NEXT Red Dress Party is scheduled for February 16, 2013…You have a whole year to think of a new look! We do NOT want to see any REPEATS, ladies….

Now, let’s look at some more lovely photos!

Smoochy Puss! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Beefcake Tutu! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Well, there IS a throne in the room.... Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Royalty! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Neely O'Hara hasn't had any depilatory work in a LOOOOOONG time! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

What's up your skirt? Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

RED HOT! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

She turned to me and said, "I know YOU know who Minnie Pearl is!" implying I'm old enough to know...the NERVE of her! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle


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