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Smash Brings The Drama, Finally

Drama.  That is what we are starting to get on Smash, drama.  Slivy and Karen are at each other’s throats, Eileen is engaged in her never ending battle for funding (she’s still not winning because of the a-hole ex), Dev might not get a big promotion at work, Tom is trying to figure out if he wants to date a lawyer (newsflash, cha-ching!), Julia is trying to keep an Aspirin between her knees and not start fucking Michael again, and Derek hates everyone!!!

I could go scene by scene here but really I only want to talk about my two favorite scenes.

First the set-piece number for “Let’s Be Bad” was the show’s first balls out showstopper.   It started in Smash-style in the rehearsal room with Slivy fucking up her number.   Derek is being a cold bitch to her and it, and her continued insecurities around Karen and her vibrato, are causing her to miss her lines and steps.  When she finally pulls it together we go into a fantasy sequence where we are onset for one of Marilyn Monroe’s movies.  Marilyn is late and the chorus is Le Jazz Hot!  Marilyn (Slivy) finally shows but is doped up on the bennies or goofballs or ludes, whatever one took in the 1950s.  The number is about gangsters and sex and booze and I lurved it.  Megan Hilty (Slivy) really can sing and she gave it her all in this number.

Second Tom and his boyfriend, I can’t remember his name so we’ll call him hot lawyer, finally have S E X!!!!   We seem them post S E X lying in bed shirtless but with strategically placed sheets.  They are engaged in pillow talk and both say wow.  As in wow that sex sucked!  Yes, they had bad sex.  I loved this scene because it was bad sex and it actually showed two gay men in bed, naked after having bad sex.  You’ve come a long way since Will & Grace, NBC.

During the rest of the show Julia’s son was arrested for partying with Mary Jane in Central Park, Ellis is snitches on Julia to Eileen, Slivy is insecure and drunk, Dev has his shirt off (FINALLY!!!!!), Karen sings “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (yawn, Glee did it better), Julia sucks face with Michael (predictable) and her son sees them (also predictable), and Derek only cares about the show (good job Derek).

Next week NBC promises that the “Dish will hit the fan.”  More DRAMA!

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