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Miss Honey Bucket Makes A Video!

She’s up and frequently coming: rising new star, Honey Bucket has a zexy new video out. Screen Shot Image from the video by Alex Berry.

We LOOOOOOOVES Mizz Honey Bucket (that’s pronounced “Boo-Kay”, asshole!) the trailer park/Aurora Avenue ho bag ho from Kent. She’s one of the shining stars of “Bacon Strip” at Re-bar every month, and an up and coming multi talented THREAT! (Which is a nice way of saying she has multiple restraining orders out against her…)

The rappin’ diva who frequently performs live and writes her own material has a brand spankin’ new video out, filmed by Wunderkind, Alex Berry. It’s called “Nice Gut, Big Package” and it’s a tender little ode to Mizz Honey’s favorite kind of man: one with cash in his pocket and only one STD.

I keed. She’s ok with two STD’s.

But, seriously, it’s her loving tribute to big bellied, hairy chested, trouser snaked He-Men and it’s utterly delightful. Please check it out.

Mizz Honey’s remarks on her new video:

“4 all u bitchez in need of a cure from Pride weekend hangover. My video is gonna b tha cure!” — Mizz Honey

Video: Alex Berry (
Filmed at Rebar (

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