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October 29, 2012 Comments Off on Halloween Fun Ain’t Over Yet…Collide-O-Scope and The Grill’s Big Costume Contest Yet To Come Views: 1570 Halloween Gay Seattle

Halloween Fun Ain’t Over Yet…Collide-O-Scope and The Grill’s Big Costume Contest Yet To Come

Hostess Honey Bucket and the Top Two Costumes at Bump on Saturday night…Wedding Cake Couple won…do ya think they’ll show up at The Grill on Broadway for the big Costume Contest on Wednesday? Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWithUs for SGS

Halloween is unfortunately situated on a Wednesday this year, a long way away from the desired weekend slot beloved by bars and party goers and as a result, there’s a big gap between the full tilt insanity of the weekend closest to ‘ween and the actual day itself. Most of us are still a bit fatigued from bopping around the 1257 events that took place this weekend but hopefully you’ll all rested up and ready to squeeze in a bit more spooky, costumed fun.

Tonight you can chillax at Re-bar as Collide-O-Scope presents its special Halloween edition of scary, weird and frequently kinda naughty videos. Shane and Michael have been editing feverishly to bring you a terrific night of video magic…to the point, their fingers are RAW and BLEEDING! There’s also free popcorn and Redvines and the cover is a measly $6. Doors open at 7pm and the fun lasts until 10pm. (CASH ONLY at Re-bar!!)

Wednesday is actually Halloween and many bars/clubs will be offering scaled down versions of this weekend’s fun, but the big event is the 122nd Annual Costume Contest at The Grill on Broadway. A yearly tradition since the Rutherford B. Hayes administration, The Grill’s annual hootenanny is a much sought after prize in the highly competitive local costume contest world…the first prize is a cool ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

The fun starts at 8pm and if you want to ENTER the contest, you should sign up at the door by 9:45…the judging begins at 10pm and the party lasts until closing. It is FREE to enter…No cover for anyone! (And, obviously it’s all ages to eat in the front part of the Grill, but the bar area is 21+…leave the kiddies at home for this costume contest! Also, some of the costumes can be a bit…naughty boots!)

And, get there early! This is one of The Grill’s biggest events of the year and people in costumes tend to suck up a lot of room…Mama Tits will be hosting and DJ Disco Vinnie will be providing the tunes. ¬†And, as The Grill IS a paid advertiser on SGS (duh) I have been asked to be one of the Judges for this year’s pageant!

And, you know how judgmental I can be…

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