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Let’s Talk About Paco…

Let’s Talk About Paco.

Remember Paco Rabanne in the 80’s and 90’s?  It was all about fragrance.

 (Courtesy Vogue 1986)

To someone like myself, raised in the 80’s and 90’s, I didn’t even realize that Paco Rabanne is known for creating some of fashions most iconic looks.    He infamously designed all of Jane Fonda’s multiple costume changes in Barbarella.

(Photos courtesy


If there is one thing this writer knows, is a love for The Queen of The Galaxy.  I happen to have designed my own version of these costumes.

(Photo courtesy Jiamin Zhu)


(Photo courtesy Michael Doucett)

But let’s get back to Fashion.  To Manish Arora fashion fans everywhere, the excitement that the Paco Rabanne label was reemerging with Manish at the wheel was great news.

Manish Arora is a fun designer to follow.  Bright, bold, colorful, avant gaurde, and futuristic, he was the perfect choice to breathe life back into the infamous brand.

(Photos courtesy

(Photos courtesy

 Favored by celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it was not a surprise that his designs for the Rabanne house were soon worn by the daring.

(Photos courtesy Photo: Alessandro Viero /

(Photos courtesy Photo: Alessandro Viero /

(Photos courtesy Photo: Alessandro Viero /

Of course, no look is complete without a Phillip Treacy hat.

Le sigh…what this fashion lover wouldn’t do for a closet full of Paco Rabanne and Phillip Treacy.




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