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October 9, 2012 Comments Off on Pssst….Wanna Hear Some “Gossip”? Views: 4579 Arts & Entertainment, Music, Music You Should Know

Pssst….Wanna Hear Some “Gossip”?

Lead Diva Beth Ditto, guitarist Brace Paine (aka Nate Howdeshell) and drummer Hannah Blilie are geared up to hit The Showbox at The Market tonight as the beloved, Northwest founded band, GOSSIP returns to Seattle for a big, delicious homecoming in support of their album, “A Joyful Noise”. Gossip (which at times was also known as THE Gossip) has deep roots in the Olympia and Portland music scenes and a legion of devoted local fans who’ve had a long hiatus from enjoying their favorite band as Ms Ditto and the band earned international success, much of it centered in Europe and particularly the UK.

Surprisingly, there are still a few tickets left for tonight’s gig…go get’em HERE!

Beth Ditto ain’t Madonna, (thank goodness!) and we have no idea where she plans to “post func” after the gig, but we’re pretty sure the band has a couple thousand places in town where they can hang out and chill. If you don’t know the band from back in the day, then you probably know a couple people who are personal friends of Gossip…

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