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Public Urination Led To R Place Shooting Incident

Oh, dear…more facts have been revealed, over at Capitol Hill Seattle about last weekend’s shooting incident NEAR RPlace on Pine and Boylston. Charges have now been filed against 22 year old Grant Lewis for firing a shot into a rowdy mob early Sunday morning. The shot hit and injured the man who initially started the commotion when he was allegedly caught urinating on a car in front of R Place. From CHS:

Prosecutors say Lewis fired his Springfield XD 9mm and hit Chase Silva in the back during a street melee that witnesses said began when Silva was confronted by two men out walking a dog who objected to his urinating on a car parked in front of the R Place nightclub in the 600 block of E Pine. Witnesses told police that Silva pushed one of the men who then pushed Silva back. Silva then struck the man and a fight ensued. One of the dog walkers told police that several “Transgender Samoans” then “jumped into the fray” as the fight moved to Boylston Ave.

Read ALL the juicy details at CHS…

To make matters even MORE interesting, Silva is the 2012 winner of Seattle Out and Proud’s “Pride Idol” competition and a community leader involved with SoSEA. He was not seriously injured in the incident.

(We’re also perplexed by the presence of the “Transgender Samoans”….does this mean actual transgendered people or a PC way of saying drag queens?)

Also interesting to note that apparently the incident DID in fact start in front of R Place and the violence then moved across the street to the parking lot where the shooting occurred. Earlier this week, the bar issued a statement that the violence had nothing to do with R Place. New information suggests that the roots of the crime might have been initiated closer to their front door….though it must also be said, we’re not sure every venue in the city that serves alcohol needs to be held accountable for the poor choices made by exiting patrons when it comes to displays of public urination…

And, frankly, drunk or not, I think many of us have had to deal with the issue of “dammit, I need to pee NOW and there’s no public toilet anywhere close by!” but our own personal recommendation is you discreetly look for the nearest dark side street to chastely take care of business and don’t do it on a main street under lights where anyone can see you. Stay classy!

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